Minecraft Was The Second Most Searched For Term On Youtube In 2014

MinecraftSo Minecraft has basically taken over the world. I don't much know how, but there is close to no denying it. That isn't a total surprise though. The game is basically the biggest thing in gaming right now. First it was just a little, slowly rolled out game from Sweden. Next thing we know, its developer has been bought by Microsoft for $2 billion and it is the biggest thing on the internet.

As if to reinforce that, Google have released some analytics for Youtube in 2014. It turns out the 'Minecraft' was the second most searched term on the video hosting behemoth. Allow me to put that into perspective for you. The only term searched more was 'Music'. Minecraft, as a search term, came in higher than Eminem, Movies, Frozen, Drake and Beyonce. That is freaking nuts.

And if that wasn't enough to convince you of the blocky universe's world domination, it was announced recently that the game had sold 18 million copies on PC alone. Mojang's Marc Watson announced the figure on Twitter saying:

That is for PC alone too. Minecraft is on just about every platform, from mobile to consoles. It does very well for itself on each and every one of those devices too.

The total number of games sold across all platforms must be huge. I'd love to see that total. We may even be able to talk about 'the most bought game ever' record soon.

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