On Saturday, 1.4 Million People Were On Minecraft Concurrently

MinecraftMinecraft is one of the best selling standalone games of all time, with estimates saying around 50 million copies of the game have been sold on all platforms to date. To illustrate that number, you could give a copy to every single person who lived in South Korea and probably still have several million left.

The game appears to be as popular as ever too with Mojang developer Nathan Adam recently revealing a couple of updated totals to the public. A few day ago, he took to Twitter to say:

To get a more complete look, Polygon followed up with Adam on Saturday to see the numbers. He revealed that at one point, there were as many as 1.4 million players online.

Now, that might sound like a small share of the 50 million or so copies out there, these numbers only account for the PC platform which is cutting out a huge portion of the other copies on other devices. Making it even smaller, these numbers don't account for players playing offline or pirated copies. Even with all that taken into account, 1.4 million concurrent players in a game at anyone time is huge number. That is bigger than Steams most played online game, Dota 2 which maxed out at 963,810 in it's all time record.

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