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Fantagraphics to Publish Daniel Clowes' Monica In October
Now Daniel Clowes returns with his latest work, to be published by Fantagraphics in October this year, Monica which Fantagraphics describes as "the most personal and ambitious book of his storied career." Fantagraphics to Publish Daniel Clowes' Monica In October Monica is a series of short, interconnected narratives that tell the life story — actually, stories — of[...]
But the entire special wasn't just about looking ahead- so if you're interested, we're going to throw on the "MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!" sign because the cast offers their thoughts on where the gang would be now and what they would be doing. Image: HBO Max For Aniston and Schwinner, Ross and Rachel would definitely be married, with[...]
Interestingly enough, Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) – the supposed "dumb one" – was the one character who seemed to avoid venturing into the incestuous cult-like sexual playground of Monica's (Courtney Cox) apartment. NBCUniversal Apparently, the sitcom inspired and guided many fans to do what exactly? Lose brain cells as we learn valuable lessons on what not[...]
Friends Central Perk LEGO Set Coming Soon
Clocking in at 1,070 bricks and only $59.99, the set will include seven minifigures- Chandler, Joey, Ross, Rachael, Monica, Phoebe, and Gunther The iconic couch from the coffee shop is the main part of the set, as well as an area for Phoebe to sing her songs and the counter where Gunther gets the coffee[...]
Friends Will Still Be There For You Through 2019, Netflix Fans
The series' Netflix future was called into doubt when WarnerMedia announced plans to launch a competing subscription service come the new year. Created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, the show follows the misadventures of six New Yorkers in Manhattan: Ross (David Schwimmer), Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), Joey (Matt LeBlanc), Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), Monica (Courtney Cox), and Chandler[...]
Friends: Turn Your Thanksgiving Leftovers Into a Monica "Moist Maker" (VIDEO)
If you're like me and it's the day after Thanksgiving, you're probably thinking to yourself, "How can I find a way to use all of these Thanksgiving leftovers and still show my love and devotion to mid-90's-to-early-00s network sitcoms?" Thanks to the fine folks over at Binging with Babish and your friends from NBC sitcom Friends,[...]
Funko Talespin and Friends Collage
All of these are based on classic episodes of the show, from the '80s episodes to Monica an her various hairstyles A Target exclusive with a turkey on her head will also be available Of these, the funniest one is The One Where Joey Wears All of Chandler's Clothes These hit in August. Check them all[...]
This Is What A Half-Million-Selling American Comic Book Looks Like
When you have something like Teen Monica's Gang being printed in Brazil Issue 34 here, united two popular characters in a kiss, and added 100,000 sales, bringing it to a total of 500,000. The comic sold out Normally it only sells 400,000… Why do I care? Because it's one of the bigger publishers in the USA making[...]