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Montreal, Canada - April 2021: exterior view of the Ubisoft Headquarters located in the Mile End neighborhood. Editorial credit: Awana JF /
According to, the same person apparently called 911 and claimed in December 2020 to have planted a bomb nearby, and then followed it up again in January 2021 claiming another hostage situation where they had "shot a manager". Montreal, Canada – April 2021: exterior view of the Ubisoft Headquarters located in the Mile End neighborhood[...]
Frenetic Wins The Hearthstone Masters Tour Online: Montreal
During the Hearthstone Masters Tour Online: Montreal this weekend, Frenetic walked away with a 3-1 win to become the champion Like a lot of esports competitions, this one was held completely online as they plkayed out the current version of the Masters Tour format Frenetic had a long journey ahead of him with no real[...]
Six Invitational 2020: Day Two Winners/Losers Bracket Results
We're live at the Six Invitational 2020, happening at Place Bell in Montréal, Quebec, Canada as we wait to crown a new champion this season.
Niantic Announces "Pokémon GO" Safari Zone Montreal
Niantic has announced a brand new Safari Zone event for Pokémon GO, this time as they head north to Canada and hold in in Montreal, Québec The event will take place at the Parc Jean-Drapeau on Saint Helen's Island and Notre Dame Island from September 20th-22nd The park will be turned into what they call[...]
What Happens When You Burn Batman #23 And #25…
This is what happens to a Batman #23 and a Batman #25 after they've been in a fire… There are some things that even CGC can't quite protect against. We reported on Montreal's oldest comic shop, Komico, being caught up in a street fire before Christmas The owner posted a series of posts on Facebook, describing their[...]
Fire At Komico Of Montreal….
on Wednesday in the basement of a building at the corner of Queen Mary Road and Décarie Boulevard. The flames quickly spread to the first and second floors, heavily damaging the ground-floor nail salon and the two apartments above it. The building suffered between $100,000 and $150,000 worth of damage. Preliminary information appears to indicate the fire was[...]
Mount Royal Avenue Brightens To The Idea Of Comic Books posted this very cool story about Mount Royal Avenue in Montreal, Canada as they unveil their new, comic book-inspired look The speech bubble shaped lights were the creation of Estelle Jugant and Yazid Belkhir of the Turn Me On design firm and won a city-wide competition to create "a unique winter atmosphere and conversation on[...]