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Who Will Play The Ancient One?
Also there was a tease over a month ago from director Scott Derrickson about the graphic novel Doctor Strange: Into Shamballa where the Ancient One is already gone and a trip back to his home leads to the Doctor meeting the Lords of Shamballa. So the three names that are rumored to play the potentially small[...]
Olympus Has Fallen Gets A Sequel And A Director
According to THR, Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckart and Morgan Freeman have all signed on to reprise their roles from Olympus Has Fallen in the cleverly titled sequel: London Has Fallen Fredrik Bond, a video director whose first feature was Charlie Countryman is in talks to direct. In the script, most recent draft written by Christian Gudegast[...]
Is A Zombie Apocalypse Possible? Ask Morgan Freeman
This week, Through The Wormhole With Morgan Freeman is taking a look at the possibility of a zombie apocalypse through scientific means. Segments include a look at the similarities between humans and bats and how easily diseases can be passed between the two Another segment on how quickly an airborne zombie virus would quickly spread causing a[...]
Official Trailer For Wally Pfister's Transcendence Starring Johnny Depp
Several mysterious teasers, and now, an official trailer for Wally Pfister's directorial debut Transcendence starring Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall, Paul Bettany, Kate Mara, Morgan Freeman and Cillian Murphy, with actual scenes from the film. Surprisingly, very exposition-heavy and seemingly pretty spoiler-filled There are some cool sequences in here, but the narrative is a lot more conventional[...]
London Will Fall In The Sequel To Olympus Has Fallen
Army Ranger (Gerard Butler), an MI6 agent and the President of the United States (Aaron Eckhart). I'm very intrigued to see how that will all be explained. In addition to Butler and Eckart, Morgan Freeman, Rahda Mitchell and Angela Bassett will reportedly be back too They'll supposedly be in London for the Prime Minister's funeral – not[...]
Olympus Has Fallen — The Bleeding Cool Review
Morgan Freeman, who by popular acclaim is more presidential than any real President, isn't significantly better used. Robert Forster takes a brief stab at the  Annoying Breakfast Club Cop angle, but you can tell his heart's not really in it. The villains are one-note bad guys with slightly unclear aims The are notionally North Koreans, but the script slightly[...]
Oblivion – The Bleeding Cool Review
Morgan Freeman turns up and gets all Morpheus on The Cruiser's ass A whole lot of stuff happens Nearly all of it very bad for Jack Harper And nearly all of it very entertaining for us. The sole aspect of Oblivion that I didn't like is its heart It doesn't have a whole lot I think[...]
Olympus Has Fallen Trailer – Gerard Butler Dies Hard In The White House
What if a down in the dumps secret service member had to save the President when the White House comes under terrorist attack? As far as the 'rescue mission after terrorist attack' genre goes this  is a bit bigger than Die Hard, but a bit smaller than Lockout. Gerard Butler plays the secret service member, Aaron Eckhart plays the president[...]
Saturday Trending Topics: Tom Cruise And Morgan Freeman Head Towards Oblivion
Upcoming sci fi from Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman? Oblivion looks pretty good And be sure to check out Brendon's shot-by-shot breakdown of what we're seeing in the trailer. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: "Hey! Quasi-Pretty-NOT-Hot-Girl, You Are More Pathetic Than The REAL Nerds" – Tony Harris (UPDATE) On Twitter, Tony Harris asked people to retweet his Facebook post[...]