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Marvel Will Show More Of Square Enix's "Marvel's Avengers" at SDCC
Internally,  Hero missions are referred to as the game's "campaign mode." On the other hand, War Zone missions will be the primary place for multiplayer to occur These missions can be completed with 1-4 players It was noted that players will be able to drop in and out at any point in a mission[...]
How To Properly Assess Threats In Commander - "Magic: The Gathering"
Hey all! I wanted to write a piece on proper threat assessment in Magic: The Gathering multiplayer formats, namely Commander The research I did made me reconsider a few personal opinions I had about my own level of play as a result It seems to me that, in my playgroups, I might be the problem! Let's explore[...]
"Gold Express" Confirmed to Release in 2019
The cyberpunk-style asymmetrical shooter, Gold Express was confirmed at Pax to release in an early access state during Fall 2019. Source: Dawn Studios Developed by indie dev, Dawn Studios, Gold Express features 4v1 multiplayer akin to Dead by Daylight A team of four players are required to work in tandem to defeat a rogue AI unit[...]
Space Combat Is As Simple As You Can Make It In 'Rocket Wars'
Each one poses their own challenges and tropes you're used to in multiplayer battles The one thing the game is lacking that it sorely needed? Online multiplayer The game is purely local co-op at this point with no way for you to challenge people outside of your own home of friends For a game of[...]
Mass Effect: Andromeda Will Have Non-Human Playable Characters In Multiplayer
Credit: Bioware Fernando Melo, one of the producers on Mass Effect: Andromeda tweeted a screenshot of Andromeda's multiplayer character selection screen that shows some non-human playable characters after apologizing for the lack of a tech demo for the multiplayer mode It looks like we'll have a few other options including a Krogan, Salarian, Asari, and a Turian. The multiplayer[...]
E3: Rainbow Six Siege Multiplayer Hands-On
5 multiplayer – and that's just fine Multiplayer is where it's at. First, I was on the defending side The team all agreed on one location to defend We had one member supply us with armor, another with mobile shields we could setup The rest of us barricaded every door and window leading to the central room[...]