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Movie Twitter Account You Should Follow: Movie Premieres Unlimited
Say what you will about films like Mystery Men, Swordfish, Good Burger, or Eurotrip, but they happened and some of them moved the needle big time when released (I love Eurotrip Everyone go watch Eurotrip) It has been super fun to go through the post and see who was famous, who was dating who, the[...]
Magician, Actor Ricky Jay (Boogie Nights, Deadwood) Passes Away at 70
Other film projects include Magnolia, Tomorrow Never Dies, The Spanish Prisoner, Mystery Men, and The Prestige PBS' American Masters also profiled Jay in 2015, making him the first magician to be profiled in the series; and he would also be the subject of the documentary Deceptive Practice: The Mysteries and Mentors of Ricky Jay. Jay even had[...]
24 Reasons Why Mystery Men And Despicable Me Are The Same Movie
Now we get to see 24 reasons why Mystery Men and Despicable Me are the same film. [youtube][/youtube] Cinema Sins has started up a new Youtube channel called Couch Tomato where they take a look at two movie side-by-side and show why they are basically the same We showed one of their earlier ones showing how[...]
Bob Burden To Launch Marble Comics At San Diego Comic Con
And now his new comic line Marble Comics (previewing at San Diego con) might present some more conflict to the Mystery Men controversy. Bleeding Cool: So… Marble Comics? Bob Burden: Well, it came to me in a dream I bought this great marble at a garage sale The mother of all marbles, a beautiful thing,[...]
Talking To Bob Burden About Mysterymen, Mystery Men, Trademarks And Comics
Today, Marvel Comics publish Mystery Men #1, the first issue of a five part series,  The indicia of the comic however says that all characters featured are trademarks of Marvel Characters. The title, while the name of a forties DC comic book, is better known these days as the Mysterymen comic written and drawn by[...]
Dark Horse Reminds Marvel Just Who Publishes Mysterymen
In a blogpost last night, Dark Horse made it very clear that they are the publisher's of Bob Burden's Mysterymen, in the light of Marvel's intention to publish a comic book Mystery Men, and that the series will return in print in the new Dark Horse Presents. Of course, there's nothing expressed in the post to[...]