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When Clark Woke Up Naked In Lois' Bed…
Because even though he wakes up thus, And he is where you might expect… He is also as naked as he was last month Which means we get some skeevy perving going on as well. Maybe he was trying to be distracting Anyway, the next scenes play out against what we know is to come. Except that we know[...]
Today, Lois Lane Gets To See Clark Kent Naked
But also in this issue, for the more prurient amongst you (surely not?) this is also the first time Lois Lane, in the current continuity at least, gets to see Superman/Clark Kent naked. Well, Batman and Catwoman have both had an eyeful, it's only fair… This week's comics courtesy of Orbital Comics in London[...]
And Finally… When Comic Book Creators Get Naked
No, we're not talking Dean Haspiel here. But one of my favourite cartoonists working in comics, Ilias Kyriazis has put out a challenge for creators to draw themselves naked Here are a few of my favourites… sadly censored. Will any of you take the challenge? Anna Holak admits her flaws but seems somewhat at peace with them[...]
Grace Randolph On Batwoman And Harley Quinn – DC's Sex Scandals Reviewed
[youtube][/youtube] Grace Randolph writes; DC Comics finds itself once again in a scandal with its female characters! I share my thoughts on Batwoman being denied the right to marry Maggie Sawyer in what would be comics first high profile lesbian wedding, as well as the contest for the new Harley Quinn solo titles that asks artists to[...]
Naked Girls Reading Neil Gaiman In Philidelphia
Look for Philly to get a whole more chilly. I'm wondering how many people might be misled by the title "Neail Gaiman In The Nude" But on November 18th at 9pm Naked Girls Reading will appear again at the Philadelphia Mausoleum of Contemporary Art With American Gods being read by Miss Rose and the children's book Coraline[...]
Saturday Runaround – Stan With Cake, With Wolverine, Without Clothes
And I like how not just young people, but everyone in Japan reads manga. NudityWatch: The naked Stan Lee… This is Computo the Comic Link Conqueror speaking I come for your women But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online One day I will rule Until that day, read on. They say I am a[...]
The Sexist Truth About Superboy #1
Did anyone take a close look at DC's Superboy #1 from last week? Written by the same writer, Scott Lobdell, who so offended the internet with his portrayal of Starfire in Red Hood, there are even more shocking sexist attitudes on pretty much every page in this farrago of filth. For a start, almost the entire comic[...]
When Is A Nipple Not A Nipple?
Did Emma Frost suffer a wardrobe malfunction in a recent issue of Wolverine: The Best There Is? That's what the members of the Collectors Society website have been discussing, and been getting rather hot under the collar about. In Wolverine: The Best There Is #7, Emma Frost is clearly shown naked with a top end lady[...]