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WATCH: First Trailer for Duncan Jones's 'Mute' on Netflix

Welcome to Berlin 2052, brought to you by the mind of director Duncan Jones and his new film, Mute. The 'spiritual sequel' to his critically acclaimed film Moon, this Netflix production has pretty much everything we want in a futuristic film. The streaming service released the first trailer this morning, featuring a cast including Paul Rudd, Alexander Skarsgård, and Justin Theroux.  Check […]

The Surge Shows Off Targeting, Looting, And Weapon Equips In A New Trailer

Deck13's upcoming RPG The Surge got a new trailer this morning showing off the targeting, looting, and equip processes And when you think about it, weapon equips should be a bit more lengthy and difficult here, since you're literally adding them to your robotic exoskeleton.In order to loot things from enemies - because stealing their robotic[...]