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Rod Serling's Night Gallery Hardbound Retrospective Kickstarter
A recent Kickstarter by Taylor White has surpassed its goal of $14,000 for the publication of the second edition of Rod Serling's Night Gallery: An After-Hours Tour in hardcover and in full color The pages will look to be doubled from the original paperback of 404 pages to a full-color of 824 pages Rod Serling's Night[...]
Our Fav 5 Odd TV Shows You Should Be Streaming Right Now
So if you're looking for a personal "starter pack" of shows that twist and contort numerous television tropes until viewers are presented with something original and unique, here's a line-up to consider: Twin Peaks, Night Gallery, Alice, Portlandia, and Documentary Now!. Bill Hader and Fred Armisen in the Grey Gardens inspired an episode of Documentary Now![...]
Night Gallery: SYFY Re-Imagining Rod Serling's Supernatural/Horror Anthology Series
Appears there's a renewed appreciation for Rod Serling's work, with SYFY developing a re-imagining of the writer/director's horror anthology series Night Gallery, from Teen Wolf creator/executive producer Jeff Davis and Midnight, Texas executive producer David Janollari The updated series will be a co-production of Universal TV (home to David Janollari Entertainment) and Universal Cable Prods;[...]
Ice Cream Man: W. Maxwell Prince's Image Comics Series Getting TV Adaptation
Premium cable and streaming services are being targeted for pilot/series pick-up. Originally published by Image Comics in January 2018, Prince's horror anthology series features our omnipresent narrator, the Ice Cream Man, as he weaves a dark tapestry of tales from his truck – peeling away the layers of the suburban American psyche with stories that end[...]
A BC October: Tales From Terror-Vision! Night Gallery's 'Green Fingers' (1972)
But for me? I'll take horror and supernatural over science-fiction any day of the week, and twice on Friday the 13th. So I found Night Gallery more to my liking, even though it's taken some serious re-examining and way too many years for the series to be given its just-do Night Gallery was an anthology series[...]