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Primal Light Officially Arrives On Xbox & Nintendo Switch
No Gravity Games has officially released the indie action platformer Primal Light for both Xbox consoles and Nintendo Switch this week Developed by Fat Gem Games, this one has technically been out for over two years, as you play a weird alien-like creature dressed in a one-strap cloth battling prehistoric creatures and other monsters in[...]
Flippin Kaktus Is Revealed During DreamHack Beyond
No Gravity games dropped a new video game reveal during DreamHack Beyond as we get the weird action title Flippin Kaktus In what is essentially a brutal action game, you play as an angry cactus with a vendetta to fulfill! You will play as a spiky, red-haired, angry as hell hero with a "thorny" past[...]
Bob Help Them Will Launch On Nintendo Switch Next Week
Bob Help Them, the latest title from No Gravity Games, will be coming out on the Nintendo Switch on March 11th, 2021 The game is challenging but sweet as you play as a helpful townsperson named Bob who goes around and helps out all of the NPC characters with chores and other obligations throughout the[...]
No Gravity Games Will Publish The Sorcery! Series On Switch
No gravity games revealed this week that they will be publishing the narrative game series Steve Jackson's Sorcery! on Nintendo Switch If you're over the age of 35, this might excite you as the video game is based on a series of early '80s adventure gamebooks Jackson was the co-author of the Fighting Fantasy series[...]
Picklock Has Been Released Onto The Nintendo Switch
No Gravity Games revealed this week that their game Picklock has officially been released onto the Nintendo Switch This game is actually pretty awesome as you play a thief living your best life, of sorts, making a living breaking into places and stealing awesome goods in hopes of making a ton of cash off of[...]