No Gravity Games Will Publish The Sorcery! Series On Switch

No gravity games revealed this week that they will be publishing the narrative game series Steve Jackson's Sorcery! on Nintendo Switch. If you're over the age of 35, this might excite you as the video game is based on a series of early '80s adventure gamebooks. Jackson was the co-author of the Fighting Fantasy series of books (along with Ian Livingstone), and between 1983-1985 he penned four books under the Sorcery! title as part of the FF series. There are four books in total, each one a single-player adventure for the reader that would carry them over to the next book. Back in 2013, developer Inkle created a video game version of the series for PC and mobile containing all of the storylines from all four books in a single game, and now that version is coming to the Switch.

Experience the wonderful storytelling of Sorcery! on your Switch! Courtesy of No Gravity Games.
Experience the wonderful storytelling of Sorcery! on your Switch! Courtesy of No Gravity Games.

From what we can surmise, all four games will be together as one collection, and not spread out as individual releases across three years like the original release was. This is great because waiting around for them to release a new chapter for months would turn people off from the game at this point. No official date has been set, but we do know they're planning to release it in Q3 2021.

An epic adventure through an open world of monsters, traps and magic. Infiltrate the Fortress of Sorcerers, and create your own unique story where every decision you make is remembered, no matter how small. Cheat death, uncover ancient mysteries, and recover the Crown of Kings – if you can. Spanning four interconnected games, players weave their own unique tale of adventure, daring, luck and cunning from a million words of dynamic content and tens of thousands of decisions. Each part can be played separately, or strung together, with consequences of decisions that span the whole series.

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