Picklock Has Been Released Onto The Nintendo Switch

No Gravity Games revealed this week that their game Picklock has officially been released onto the Nintendo Switch. This game is actually pretty awesome as you play a thief living your best life, of sorts, making a living breaking into places and stealing awesome goods in hopes of making a ton of cash off of it. The game will have you planning, strategizing, and following through on a break-in and robbery, all without getting spotted. Or, if you are, not getting caught. All in a pixel art format that just makes it extra cute. Everything about this game looks pretty fun as you'll see that being a thief for a living is not that glamorous, but it can be profitable if you work at it. You can check out the Switch trailer below along with screenshots, as well as a proper description of the game.

Do you have what it takes to live a life of thievery? Courtesy of No Gravity Games.
Do you have what it takes to live a life of thievery? Courtesy of No Gravity Games.

Are you bored with an average, honest life? Picklock gives you an opportunity to break in, steal and deceive your way to a luxury, yet an illegal lifestyle. In each level, you will face a new challenge. Your targets will range from a roll of toilet paper at your neighbours' house to exclusive art, electronics and cold, hard cash. And even though you know your stuff, you'll have to deal with security, alarms and sealed, secret compartments. If any of those things will stress you out, you can always go on a shopping spree, chill out at a pub or let off some steam at a gentlemen's club. Excited yet? Then grab your gloves and crowbar and get ready for a tricky, robbery adventure!

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