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One-Punch Man: Road To Hero 2.0 Celebrates One-Year Anniversary
Oasis Games has launched a new celebration in One-Punch Man: Road To Hero 2.0 as the game celebrates its one-year anniversary The anniversary has started with a special in-game limited event for the next two weeks that will run until July 7th This one will feature new characters to recruit and add to your teams[...]
Oasis Games Announces New Mobile RPG "Bleach: Immortal Soul"
Oasis Games announced their next anime mobile title on the way will be Bleach: Immortal Soul, an RPG title on the way in Spring 2020 Officially licensed by TV Tokyo and developed by GREE, you'll be able to collect and train your favorite characters and have them battle in a Karakura Town game world You[...]
Giveaway: 500 Closed Alpha Codes for Oasis Games' Steel Circus
Hey kids! Do you wanna get in on a closed alpha for Oasis Games' upcoming multiplayer sports game Steel Circus? You can with one of the codes below! The company would really like to have you join them in testing out the game, which is why we were given 500 codes to give away to[...]
Oasis Games Partners With Sony to Release Monkey King: Hero Is Back
We're getting a brand new game from Oasis Games as they've partnered with Sony Interactive Entertainment for Monkey King: Hero Is Back The game is based on a Chinese animated film that did a ton of business a few years ago and will be released exclusively on the #PS4 in 2019 We have details from the press[...]
Animal Force key art
This morning, Oasis Games dropped some new info on a brand-new game coming for the PSVR called Animal Force The game is basically going to be a tower defense VR title where you'll be commanding animals as they battle against aliens At least, that's the premise we got from the game's description We got a[...]
Light Tracer
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Void Dimensions and Oasis Games' Light Tracer is a pretty adorable VR game puzzle solver At its core, Light Tracer is nothing more than a 3D puzzle game in VR Like Moss, you view the game from the outside, rather than being directly in control of the character Its a relatively short game, with only eight total[...]
Trying Out Three Different Oasis Games Titles At PAX West
Oasis Games usually has some cool titles under their belts whenever they make their way to a convention, so when I saw the invite to check them out at PAX West, I was kinda stoked to see what they were doing next There were three different games at their booth I got to experiment with,[...]
Finding Horror Of A Different Kind In 'DYING: Reborn'
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] DEVELOPER: Oasis Games REVIEW PLATFORM: PS4 RELEASED: 2/28/17 It's always nice when an "M" rated game plops into my lap Not so much the idea that I'm about to view a game with mature content, but more the idea of what made it mature Did the game company go out of their way to make[...]