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Noob - The Factionless Receieves Late-June Release Date
We got the details from developer Olydri Games below as we now wait the next two months for it to come out. Credit: Microids "Noob – The Factionless is an RPG that follows the adventures of four players from the Rush guild: Baster the Neogician, Drek the Berserker, May the Cartomancer, and Logs the Elementalist[...]
Noob - The Factionless Receieves Late-June Release Date
Microids and indie developer Olydri Games revealed they will be releasing Noob – The Factionless in late June as it comes to PC and consoles The game will have you leading a small group of adventurers in a brand new RPG, as you take on the world as a bunch of first-time questers You can[...]
Noob – The Factionless
Microids and Olydri Games announced today they have signed a new co-publishing deal to release Noob – The Factionless in 2023 If you're not familiar with this one, it is based on the French transmedia franchise created by Fabien Fournier & Anne-Laure Jarnet in 2008, which recounts "the epic and humoristic adventures of a team[...]