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Green Lanterns #43 cover by Will Conrad and Ivan Nunes

Green Lanterns #43 Review: A Shaky Ending to an Underwhelming Arc

The Green Lanterns are locked in battle with the Order of the Steed in the Horsehead Nebula. Jessica is trying to free Earth's heroes from the control of the Order, Simon Baz is fending off their Durlan enforcers, and Scrapps is fighting their leader, currently in the body of Night Pilot. "Superhuman Trafficking" has ultimately […]

DC Comics Uncancels Omega Men, Restores Full Twelve Issues

It was announced with the December solicitations for DC Comics that space opera political thriller Omega Men would be cancelled by DC Comics with issue 6. This was half way through the previously guaranteed twelve issue run, that author Tom King saw as a complete graphic novel. And there was much wailing. Not too much wailing, […]

Tom King On Omega Men's Twelve Issue Storyline, Two Months Ago

Hindsight is a terrible thing. From a interview with Tom King arranged by DC Comics PR with their media partner, CraveOnline. CraveOnline: What can you tell us about your twelve issue storyline? Tom King: I have a lot of stories to tell with these characters and this world, and if they let me, I will […]

Dan Didio Talks In-Depth About The New Titles From DC Comics

DC's co-publisher Dan Didio talks with DC All-Access' Tiffany Smith about the 25 returning title and 24 new titles that the publishers has coming out this month. He goes into why they have gone with so many new and diverse books, which surprises him, which seems to be causing the most buzz and just what […]

The Most Appetite-Rousing Twix Ad In Today's DC Comics

All the DC Comics today have a double page half-size ad for Twix featuring a guy I've never heard of (and a Google search ensuring I never want to) with the comic book story on the same page. It is a strange experience in a number of books, especially Lobo #7 with the clash between […]

How Lantern Kyle Rayner Is Murdered By The Omega Men

We were told that that the upcoming launch of Omega Men from DC Comics in June would feature the death of Kyle Rayner at their hands. But did we believe it?. The Omega Men are back in an all-new series! They've murdered White Lantern Kyle Rayner and now, the universe wants them to pay! Who are […]

Ch-Ch-Changes – Ch-Ch-Changes – Hulk, Moon Knight And Omega Men

An occasional look at changes twist solicitation and publication in comics… Hulk #16 will be drawn by Rhoald Marcellius as well as the solicited Mark Bagley. Moon Knight #15 will be drawn by German Peralta, not the solicited Ron Ackins. And Omega Men #1 will be drawn by Barnaby Begenda rather than the solicited Alec Morgan. And if you need proof…. […]

Comic Writer Roger Slifer Passes Away At Age 60

Co-creator of Lobo and writer for Marvel, DC and many animation and video game projects, Roger Slifer, passed away today. The 60-year old Slifer, who was still recovering from being seriously injured in a hit and run in 2012, died while on his way from the nursing home the emergency room. His sister Connie Carlton […]

Dan DiDio Just Answered My Questions On Prez, Doomed, Mystic U And Section 8

So I write this recently. About how there were four books from the June mini-relaunch that I was really excited about, but seemed not to be lighting the fanbase on fire. Prez, Doomed, Mystic U and Section 8. So, since I was watching the InStore Comic Convention Kickoff, and Dan DiDio was on the screen, […]