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DC Comics Uncancels Omega Men, Restores Full Twelve Issues
It was announced with the December solicitations for DC Comics that space opera political thriller Omega Men would be cancelled by DC Comics with issue 6 This was half way through the previously guaranteed twelve issue run, that author Tom King saw as a complete graphic novel. And there was much wailing. Not too much wailing, obviously, because[...]
DC Comics Cancels Lost Army, Sensation Comics, Batman '66, Doomed, Gotham By Midnight, Omega Men, Lobo And Justice League United (UPDATE)
UPDATE: @blogofoa It's ending with issue 6. — Cullen Bunn 🎃 (@cullenbunn) September 14, 2015 Alex De Campi confirmed Sensation Comics was gone as well, as has Batman '66… The original article continues below…. DC Entertainment has told their media partner CBR that DC Comics are to cancel five series, a number of which were launched in June, Justice League United,[...]
The Most Appetite-Rousing Twix Ad In Today's DC Comics
and the feeling that maybe the Lobo in silhouette is the guy with the Twix… It's funny because that's exactly how he used to be before the New 52! But probably the page that works best for me, that gets my appetite going and ties the two together is from Omega Men #1. Mmmm, delicious! Comics courtesy of Orbital[...]
How Lantern Kyle Rayner Is Murdered By The Omega Men
We were told that that the upcoming launch of Omega Men from DC Comics in June would feature the death of Kyle Rayner at their hands But did we believe it?. The Omega Men are back in an all-new series! They've murdered White Lantern Kyle Rayner and now, the universe wants them to pay! Who are these[...]
Ch-Ch-Changes – Ch-Ch-Changes – Hulk, Moon Knight And Omega Men
An occasional look at changes twist solicitation and publication in comics… Hulk #16 will be drawn by Rhoald Marcellius as well as the solicited Mark Bagley. Moon Knight #15 will be drawn by German Peralta, not the solicited Ron Ackins. And Omega Men #1 will be drawn by Barnaby Begenda rather than the solicited Alec Morgan. And if you need proof…. Contrary to the solicit,[...]
Comic Writer Roger Slifer Passes Away At Age 60
He worked as their first sales manager to the direct market as well as writing Omega Men where he created Lobo with Keith Giffen He worked on multiple animation projects including Jem and the Holograms, Transformers and GI Joe Extreme. The hit and run, which took place in Santa Monica, left the writer in critical condition[...]
Dan DiDio Just Answered My Questions On Prez, Doomed, Mystic U And Section 8
And that's what makes the line, from Batmite and Bizarro's all ages titles, pushed to the other side with Section 8 and the dark, biting Omega Men…. And what's nice about this way of presenting info, is that it is direct to comic store customers, in the store, where they can then make purchasing and pull list decisions,[...]