Comic Writer Roger Slifer Passes Away At Age 60

SliferCo-creator of Lobo and writer for Marvel, DC and many animation and video game projects, Roger Slifer, passed away today. The 60-year old Slifer, who was still recovering from being seriously injured in a hit and run in 2012, died while on his way from the nursing home the emergency room.

His sister Connie Carlton notified his friends and fans on his facebook page today.

It is with heavy heart that I share Roger passed away this morning. The Nursing home called approx 9 am and said he was struggling to breath and he died in the ambulance on the way to the ER.

It is especially sad because in the last month he was making great progress. He was writing words on his new whiteboard that I bought with money his friend Larry Spears sent for Christmas. He was nodding yes and no to questions. A couple weeks ago they put a passey muir device (speaking valve) in his trach and he said "yes, no, and hi". They were getting ready to start him on speech therapy and occupational therapy. Things were finally looking up for him. But God needed another angel.

Slifer worked at Marvel in the mid-70s as a writer and assistant editor but moved to DC as the 80s began. He worked as their first sales manager to the direct market as well as writing Omega Men where he created Lobo with Keith Giffen. He worked on multiple animation projects including Jem and the Holograms, Transformers and GI Joe Extreme.

The hit and run, which took place in Santa Monica, left the writer in critical condition with broken bones and a traumatic brain injury. Slifer was comatose for nearly a month. No arrests have been made involving the case.

The above photo is from the facebook page SLIFER needs you.



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