DC Comics Uncancels Omega Men, Restores Full Twelve Issues

Omega-Men-1-CoverIt was announced with the December solicitations for DC Comics that space opera political thriller Omega Men would be cancelled by DC Comics with issue 6. This was half way through the previously guaranteed twelve issue run, that author Tom King saw as a complete graphic novel.

And there was much wailing.

Not too much wailing, obviously, because the reason it was cancelled was that it wasn't selling enough. But it was enough to get some people intrigued.

Well, for whatever reason, maybe they want to sell the whole 12 issue collection and think there may be a larger audience for that, maybe they were touched by one of the readers appeals for the full story, maybe someone at DC said "dude, just finish it, don't you remember what happened with Top Ten Season Two?"

But whatever the reason, I understand from senior industry sources that Omega Man is getting its full twelve issues.

At least.

Good. I like Omega Men, I want to read the whole thing.

Now do Doomed.

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