The Most Appetite-Rousing Twix Ad In Today's DC Comics

All the DC Comics today have a double page half-size ad for Twix featuring a guy I've never heard of (and a Google search ensuring I never want to) with the comic book story on the same page.

It is a strange experience in a number of books, especially Lobo #7 with the clash between the dark moody colours and the brights splash of big bold colour advertising double barred chocolate.. and the feeling that maybe the Lobo in silhouette is the guy with the Twix…

Scan 24It's funny because that's exactly how he used to be before the New 52!

But probably the page that works best for me, that gets my appetite going and ties the two together is from Omega Men #1.

Scan 23Mmmm, delicious!

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London, who will be hosting Mike Carey this Satiurday for a signing and delivering a commentary for The Unwritten.


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