Sideshow Collectibles Announces Original Statue Series for 2020

Sideshow Collectibles Announces Original Statue Series for 2020

It looks like 2020 will be a big year for them not just from the new statue and collectible releases but they will bring their own original statue series alive! During Sideshow Collectibles 12 days of collectibles reveal they announced three new original statue series First up is Dragon Slayer: Warrior, this will give us[...]

Harley Quinn is Playing for Keeps with New Mezco One: 12 Figure

Harley Quinn is Playing for Keeps with New Mezco One: 12 Figure

The figure puts an original spin on her classic red and black outfit We will be seeing a skater punk style costume biker jacket, boots, spiked helmet, and even a shaved head portrait for Harley She is also packing some heavy accessories in this figure too, for the non-lethal stuff, you will be getting a[...]

Marvel Legacy One Shot Looks Suspiciously Old School

Everyone else is the original, or even classic, version of the character.Captain Marvel is the only modern day, diverse version of an original character to have taken on the name after their classic counterpart.Considering Marvel are making a definitive promise that Generations and Legacy will see the new and the old side-by-side for a Marvel[...]

The Man Who Found Two Original Harley Quinn Cover Sketches…

This is one of the Harley Quinn original cover art sketches that have been placed inside DC Comics Harley Quinn's Little Black Book bagged variant covers Due to federal lottery laws, DC Comics have not promoted them - or even admitted they exist But people believe there are one or two per issue.Which makes it[...]

Criterion's DVD And Blu-Ray Of Godzilla Are Under $20 Right Now

Their release of the original Godzilla is definitely a fine example of everything they do right A good film well presented in lovely packaging and with superlative supplements.You can snap up either the DVD or Blu-ray version for $19.98 right now It's certainly highly recommended by me And while I can't say too much just[...]

Oscar Jimenez – Selling Original Art To Save His Cat's Life

Oscar Jimenez is selling a stack of 46 pages of original art for the first person who will offer him $675 for it, seventeen pages published, twenty-nine not, including work from Moon Knight, The Punisher, GI Joe, Foolkiller and Squadron Supreme His eleven year old cat Rex needs surgery for his gall bladder, and this[...]

Selling The Todd McFarlane Cover To Spider-Man #1… And More

 Heritage Auctions is selling the original art to the cover of Spider-Man #1 by Todd McFarlane, on behalf of its owner Martin Shamus, father of Wizard Magazine's Gareb and Steven Shamus The cover of Wizard #1 was famously based on this cover It's iconic and probably bsums up nineties comics better than any other It[...]

Win Your Own Alex Ross And Jae Lee Original Sketch Cover Of The Shadow #1

Today, Dynamite published a new Shadow comic today, by Garth Ennis and Aaron Campbell. Visually it's rather faithful to earlier versions, while the writing gives us a hard pulp take on the character. But what if The Shadow could look like anything? Dynamite have prepared a series of hand sketched covers by Alex Ross and […]

Sixteen Alex Ross Original Sketch Covers For The Shadow #1

Retailers could get one of these Alex Ross hand sketched covers for The Shadow for every 250 issues of The Shadow #1 they ordered from Dynamite Entertainment. One retailer has already sold his for $2000, plans to sell a Jae Lee sketch cover for $800, and any of the copies he ordered that he doesn't […]

$10,000 Of Stolen Neal Adams Art

Yesterday at the Big Apple Comic Con, an envelope of original artwork belonging to Neal Adams was lifted off his table Below, see scans of the pieces in the stolen envelope A police report has been filed but please check the image below in case you see any work on sale anywhere...UPDATE: Not this one.[...]