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Wow Comics #9 (Fawcett Publications, 1943) featuring Mary Marvel.
Fawcett's Wow Comics is such an underappreciated Golden Age series.  The title, which debuted in winter 1940 and ran for 69 issues through August 1948, featured work by the likes of CC Beck, Otto Binder, Dave Berg, and even Jack Kirby among countless others.  But the series really started to shine with the arrival of[...]
Adventure Comics #210 (DC, 1955), the first appearance of Krypto.
There have been a lot of famous dogs in the history of popular fiction, and even in the history of comic books.  Among superdog companions, Bulletdog might be the first.  Among DC Comics superdogs, Streak the Wonder Dog first appeared in 1948 and it can plausibly be said that he took over for Green Lantern. [...]
The Real Story Of Frank Miller & Otto Binder's Rorschach Seance Tape
Accompanying him is Randy Cox, notable comic book curator and vintage art collector, author of A Baby Boomer's Guide to Collecting Comic Books and Baseball Cards. And then there is also the teenage Frank Miller In Otto Binder: The Life and Work of a Comic Book and Science Fiction Visionary by Bill Schelly, who died two years ago, he talks of the Miller[...]
Dwayne Johnson
Beck and Otto Binder, Black Adam is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra (The Shallows) with Adam Sztykiel (Scoob!, Rampage) providing the screenplay The film is a spinoff of the superhero action-comedy Shazam! (2019). "Black Adam" Origins Black Adam first appeared in Fawcett Comics in 1945 before his reintroduction DC Comics in 1973 Whereas Shazam gets his powers from[...]
Minute Man, Captain Triumph, And Other Forgotten Heroes- AC Comics February 2018 Solicits
You'll see his full, 16-page origin story from his first-ever appearance in 1941 Writers : Ed Cronin, Robert Turner, Ed Herron, Richard Hughes, Otto Binder, Bill Woolfolk, Dick Wood and others uncredited. Artists: Reed Crandall, Fred Kida, William Overgaard, Ogden Whitney, Phil Bard, Kin Platt, Elmer Wexler, Ernie Schroeder, Leonard Starr, Augie Froehlich and George Appel . Cover[...]
DC Comics Now Says Supergirl Was Created By Jerry Siegel And Joe Shuster
Supergirl was created as a female counterpart to Superman in 1959 by writer Otto Binder and artist Al Plastino in 1959, and first appeared in Action Comics. She now has a TV series and, although she doesn't have her own comic right now (both a digital and a print version are in production I'm told), a version of her[...]