Minute Man, Captain Triumph, And Other Forgotten Heroes- AC Comics February 2018 Solicits

In February of 2018, AC Comics is bringing back a number of forgotten Golden Age heroes in their Men of Mystery #107. Such heroes include, Starr Flagg, Minute Man, Captain Triumph, the Ghost, and others. They will be reprints of original 1940's stories by their creators such as Phil Bard, Reed Crandall, Augie Froehlich, and Elmer Wexler.

Minute Man, Captain Triumph, And Other Forgotten Heroes- AC Comics February 2018 Solicits

The biggest stars from a number of great comics publishers of yesteryear is our special focus in this "Going Long" edition of Men of Mystery, #107; as we present a number of full-length feature stories chronicling the adventures of the "heavy hitters" created at publishing houses like Standard/Nedor, Quality, Fawcett, Hillman, Ace and Magazine Enterprises during the 1940's. We've reprinted a number of BLACK TERROR stories over the years, but almost none from the character's early years. We remedy that this issue with that heroes' third appearamce (from Exciting Comics #11) drawn by the great ( but unheralded) Elmer Wexler. Another early champion will accompany the 'Terror this go-around, with DOC STRANGE in attendance in a 1941 story drawn by Kin Platt. And, an atmospheric outing of The GHOST (illustrated by old pulp artist Augie Froehlich) rounds out this trio of rare Standard/Nedor stories. AIRBOY returns here in a 1948 tale drawn by his classic artist, Fred Kida; as well as The HEAP by Leonard Starr. CAPTAIN TRIUMPH headlined Quality's Crack Comics in the late-'40;s, and this issue shows off a corker of a story drawn by the great Reed Crandall. MINUTE MAN was Fawcett's excellent (and long-running) answer to Captain America, he rings in here in a 1942 story titled "Hitler Sends A Killer", drawn in his typical Kirbyesque style by MM's main artist, Phil Bard. STARR FLAGG ( based visually on Hollywood actress Lisbeth Scott by "Good Girl" art specialist Ogden Whitney ), Undercover Girl makes only her second-ever appearance in MOM in a terse 1947 action/spy thriller from a 1947 issue of Manhunt. Finally, a trio of first-time MOM guest-strips opens with a late-40's story of The DEADLY DOZEN. What kind of heroes are THEY, you might ask? Well, not actually heroes at all but a gang of bad guys led by two of the most colorful SUPERVILLAINS to regularly appear in Lev Gleason Pubs' Daredevil strip, namely IRON JAW and SNIFFER. Superbly illustrated by little-known William Overgaard, this was far TOO GOOD a feature to be as little-remembered as it is. Next, there will be The BLACK RAIDER, from Continental Comics' Power Comics. A nice blend of crime comics and costumed heroics, the 'Raider and his costumed partner chase down the bad guys on the mean streets of New York in the Post-Atomic age. Finally, THE last major costumed defender from the Ace Publications line that we've NEVER reprinted in MOM finally comes on stage The FLAG, straight out of Our Flag Comics #2. You'll see his full, 16-page origin story from his first-ever appearance in 1941
Writers : Ed Cronin, Robert Turner, Ed Herron, Richard Hughes, Otto Binder, Bill Woolfolk, Dick Wood and others uncredited.
Artists: Reed Crandall, Fred Kida, William Overgaard, Ogden Whitney, Phil Bard, Kin Platt, Elmer Wexler, Ernie Schroeder, Leonard Starr, Augie Froehlich and George Appel .
Cover artist: Alex Schomburg
Format: Standard comic book size, saddle-stitched
Dimensions: 10.25″ X 6.50″
Page Count: 140 pages
Color: Black and White (with color covers)
Ship Date: February 25, 2018
UPC Code: 64924192603010711
Retail Price: $29.95

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