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A particular admirer of Conan and Spider-Man comic books in his youth, it was for that reason – and that testimony – that Marvel Comics put him in their Spider-Man comic books when he was inaugurated, creating a classic collector's item in the process. Could similar happen with Our Fighting Forces #1? Currently only available in[...]
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Walmart stores have now received Our Fighting Forces #1, with new content by Brad Meltzer, Jim Lee, Christopher Priest, Larry Hama and more Not everyone lives close to a Walmart store, or are willing to go to Walmart for a comic book Which may be why the comic has been booming on eBay over the past[...]
You Will Never See a Jack Kirby Original Art Double-Page Spread This Cheap Ever Again
Rather tantalizingly captioned "For Your Personal Collection" in the upper left corner, this double page spread from Our Fighting Forces #155 by Jack Kirby and inker D Bruce Berry is an interesting combination of two things that Kirby is well-known for: "Kirby Machines" and World War II.  Our Fighting Forces #155 was published by DC[...]