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Joe Sacco On The Removal Of Palestine From His CBC Interview
His most famous work is called, simply, Palestine But it is a word that, apparently, shouldn't have been uttered in a recent interview with Canadian state broadcaster CBC. Back in August 2020, Sacco was interviewed about his new book, Paying The Land, on colonialism and the Dene people of the Northwest Territories of Canada by the[...]
Cartoonists Speak Out Against SodaStream Sponsorship Of Angoulême
It would be sad if SodaStream were able to use this event to whitewash their crimes. We ask you to cut all ties between the Festival and this shameful company. Sincerely, Khalid Albaih (Sudan) Leila Abdul Razzaq (USA) Avoine (France) Edd Baldry (UK/France) Edmond Baudoin (France) Steve Brodner (USA) Berth (France) Susie Cagle (USA) Sue Coe (USA) Gianluca Costantini (Italy) Jennifer Camper (USA) Carali (France) Chimulus (France) Jean-Luc Coudray (France) Philippe Coudray (France) Marguerite[...]