The Evolution Of Views – The Queer Culture Panel At C2E2

Geeks OUT, a not-for-profit organization focusing on empowering queer people in the “geek” communities, explored this notion in their Queering Culture: Mainstream Influences/Niche Art panel at C2E2.Coming from a wide variety of backgrounds and mediums, the panelists included Jennie Wood (Flutter), Kiki Jenkins (Idolon), Tony Breed (Finn and Charlie are Hitched), writer and make-up artist[...]

Barbara Gordon To Look More Librariany – And Revamp Was Only Going To Be 6 Issues

At the Modern Superheroines panel at Wondercon (read it all here, courtesy of BC EIC Hannah Means-Shannon) we learnt a couple of interesting things about the recent Batgirl revamp,Firstly that the run by Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher and Babs Tarr was originally thoght of as a six issue experiment that was only approved because it was[...]

WonderCon '15 – Batgirl's 'Ultimate Triumph Over The Joker' – The Batman Panel With Brenden Fletcher, Tom King, Greg Pak, And Babs Tarr

What does this year have in store for the Dark Knight after such a momentous milestone? That was the question going into Friday's Batman panel at WonderCon.On hand were Brenden Fletcher (Batgirl, Black Canary), Tom King (Grayson), Greg Pak (Batman/Superman), and Babs Tarr (Batgirl), with the panel moderated by DC All Access' Tiffany Smith.Batman/Superman #20[...]

Swallowing The Bob's Burgers Panel In One, At New York Comic Con

Could the Belchers continue past the lifespan of most live action sitcoms? If the fellowship of the cast and creator is any indication, I believe they could go another five years.The panel began with a highlight reel from the last four years and ended with a near full cast on stage: Loren Bouchard (Creator), Kristen[...]

NYCC Panels: Avatar Press and Bleeding Cool Details

One of the most fun activities of attending any comic convention are the panels Here, you will get to see your favorite creators and insiders in person, announcing top secret projects and sharing their thoughts you would normally never see in print Avatar Press will be at the NYCC in full force - with multiple[...]

When Steve Niles Didn't Like Vampires – The Dark Horse Panel

Keysha Couzens wrote for Bleeding Cool from San Diego Comic Con;Dark Horse began their horror comics panel with the bold claim that they do the best horror comics in the industry Well, with the line-up they presented during the hour long panel it would be hard to dispute otherwise as they talked about what’s coming[...]

Night Of The Living Dead Aftermath To Be Avatar's Big Hallowe'en Event

All this was news to me, straiught from the Avatar panel at San Diego Comic ConDavid Hine is to write Night Of The Living Dead: Aftermath, a major new series launching in October from Avatar Press set in the George Romero zombieverse, set in the life of one woman living in in Los Angeles in[...]

C2E2: Vertigo New Blood Panel – Will Dennis' Boxer Shorts (UPDATING)

 Sam Walker is tweeting from the Vertigo panel at C2E2 for Bleeding Cool We have separated her from her partner COdy Walker, currently covering the Valiant panel.I am separated from @popgunchaos so I can bring you updates from the @vertigo_comics panel.This is my third panel staring @Ssnyder1835 He is a popular guy.Sean Murphy is writing[...]

C2E2: Avatar – High Kicking Chicks

John Bailey is writing from C2E2 for Bleeding Cool;The panel starts right on time at 12: 15 On the panel are Michael DiPascale and Keith Davidsen.Michael's new project announced at C2E2 is Hero Worship which will premier in July Keith says that Avatar Press rarely does superhero comics, noting the exceptions by Warren Ellis, and[...]

ECCC: The Vertigo New Blood Panels – And The End Of iZombie

He said that working with Scott Snyder has been great.The panel quickly hyped were the four new Vertigo books that came out in February Saucer Country getting the strongest response from the crowd.Adam Hughes approached Willingham wanting to do covers for Fables, Willingham wasn't about to kick James Jean of the book so he offered[...]

Boom! Panel Busts At San Diego Comic Con

Peter Svensson writes for Bleeding Cool;Chip Mosher, Boom's head of marketing, was fired during their panel on Friday by CEO Ross Richie and Editor in Chief Matt Gagnon.Not really of course It was all part of the massive joke that their panel devolved into, as a single fan's frustration at the panel being the "Same[...]

Court Papers Served On Shocker Toys At Their Own San Diego Comic Con Panel

Yesterday at San Diego Comic Con, Shocker Toys held a panel Bleeding Cool tagged it as a possibly controversial one And so it turned out to be Because as well as attracting an audience of fans of the companies toys, it also received a visit from one upset over allegations of non payment to Shocker[...]

The C2E2 X-Men Slideshow

Sat in the corner of Room 474b watching C.B. Cebulski, Daniel Ketchum and Clay Mann skillfully evading any questions about a Wolverine/Cyclops X-Men split. Still they did tell the folks that Frenzy and Legion will join X-Men Legacy after Age Of X, Daniel Acuña drawing an arc on the Wolverine book, and answered questions why […]