William Shatner NASA SDCC Panel Separates Space Facts from Fiction

William Shatner, NASA SDCC Panel Separates Space Facts from Fiction

This time, he's moderating a Comic-Con@Home panel filled with people who really go to space as well as NASA engineers and technology experts! Astronauts Nicole Mann and Kjell Lindegren join spacesuit engineer Lindsay Aitchison and technology expert LaNetra Tate as they all discuss the upcoming moon mission and more They discuss building a habitat for[...]

The Right Stuff SDCC Panel Offers Disney+ Space Race Series Preview

The Right Stuff SDCC Panel Offers Disney+ Space Race Series Preview

Now, you know I love all things space, but the panel for The Right Stuff was fantastic, space nut or not Astronaut Dr Mae Jemison hosts the discussion with the cast and creators of the upcoming Disney+ series The panel consists of actors Patrick J Adams, Jake McDorman, Colin O'Donoghue, Michael Trotter, Aaron Staton, Micah[...]

The Expanse Team Launches Season 4 Premiere Panel at NYCC [SPOILERS]

"The Expanse" Team Launches Season 4 Premiere, Panel at NYCC [SPOILERS]

It's one of the best shows out there as far as having a cast that looks like this.” [Tipper gestures towards the panel]Strait added,“The thing that I’ve always loved about sci-fi is that you can use it allegorically in a very poignant way You can talk about very prescient things that could be very divisive[...]

The Orville Crew Brainstorm The Musical Episode That Will Never Be (at NYCC)

"The Orville" Crew Brainstorm The Musical Episode That Will Never Be (at NYCC)

When it came to the Q&A portion of the panel, an audience member asked if a musical episode was on the table in the future - but unfortunately, looks like season three will not feature one.[caption id="attachment_1025277" align="aligncenter" width="2000"] THE ORVILLE: L-R: Peter Macon, Seth MacFarlane, Adrianne Palicki, J Lee, Jessica Szohr, Scott Grimes, guest[...]

Stumptown Cast Talk Spandex Shows Diversity &#038 Great Food

"Stumptown" Cast Talk Spandex, Show's Diversity & Great Food

(ABC/Matthias Clamer)[/caption]Talking about diversity and representation in the show became the theme as the panel wound down, with focus on the show having a female lead, native American representation … Richmond also choose to remind the audience that Dex as a character has “fluid sexuality.  Male, female, not a big deal to her.” PTSD was[...]

Snowpiercer: TBS Sci-Fi Thrillers Next Stop SDCC 2019 with Panel Exclusive First-Look

"Snowpiercer": TBS Sci-Fi Thriller's Next Stop? SDCC 2019, with Panel, Exclusive First-Look

Series stars Jennifer Connelly, Daveed Diggs, Alison Wright, Mickey Sumner, Lena Hall, and Steven Ogg; as well as executive producer-showrunner Graeme Manson, and executive producers Marty Adelstein and Becky Clements will participate in the session, which includes a panel/Q&A as well as an exclusive "first look" at the series premiere ahead of its Spring 2020[...]

American Gods Season 2: Major Cast Member Returns NYCC Panel Confirmed

American Gods Season 2: Major Cast Member Returns, NYCC Panel Confirmed

With production finally under way on the eagerly anticipated second season of Starz's American Gods, the Neil Gaiman adaptation has had a bit of a bumpy pre-season with changes taking place both in front of and behind the cameras. Several new cast members were brought aboard — but after some intense and highly volatile contract […]

American Gods Ricky Whittle Yetide Badaki Update Season 2 at C2E2

American Gods' Ricky Whittle, Yetide Badaki Update Season 2 at C2E2

Over the course of the panel, Whittle and Badaki discussed a number of topics, including their "co-star Joy" inside joke; how different their auditions were, with Whittle confessing that the multiple auditions did feel a little "demoralizing;" the difficulties of posing for your action figure; how Badaki's weapon of choice wouldn't exactly "play well" in[...]

Netflix Brings Nick Krolls Big Mouth to CCXP Brazil

Netflix Brings Nick Kroll's 'Big Mouth' to CCXP Brazil

On December 9th, the streaming service returned to San Paulo for a fourth consecutive year, bringing with it some surprise announcements, exclusive "first look" footage, cast panels and an interactive experience on the show floor for over 3,500 Brazilian fans to enjoy.Kroll took to the stage to discuss the origins and themes of the series;[...]

Interested In A Story Of Crime And Poetry Heres The Hunting Accident

Interested In A Story Of Crime And Poetry? Here's The Hunting Accident

Jason Borelli writes from his time at New York Comic Con: You'll never be free until you free yourself from the prison in your mind. This seems a little much to put on the cover of a book. The Hunting Accident has the subtitle, "A True Story of Crime and Poetry." Given that the subject […]

Celebrating 25 Years Of Batman: The Animated Series At NYCC 2017

Celebrating 25 Years Of Batman: The Animated Series At NYCC 2017

head of publicity Gary Miereanu hosted a panel of some of the key people in bringing the show to life, including creator Bruce Timm, producer/writer Alan Burnett (who just retired), Batgirl portrayer Tara Strong, and the Bat himself, Kevin Conroy.First, Timm talked a little about how the show came about It want a particularly hard[...]

Todays Essential C2E2 Panel DC Essential Was Basically YKnow Essential

Today's Essential C2E2 Panel, DC Essential, Was Basically, Y'Know, Essential

Brian Lake[/caption]Brian Lake reported for us from the DC Essential panel at C2E2, here's his run down:The DC essential panel at 1:30 in the room 404 at C2E2 really is a showcase where some of the top creators get to talk about their favorite runs and books from D.C Characters that are being featured in[...]

Outside WonderCons White Picket Fence: LGBT Takes on Kill Shakespeare Vision and Steven Universe

Outside WonderCon's White Picket Fence: LGBT Takes on Kill Shakespeare, Vision, and Steven Universe

#eliotcaps {font-variant: small-caps;}Emilie Badaboom writes for Bleeding CoolAt at Queering Comics panel, panelists presented scholarly dialogue presenting their reviews of various comic universes stories as they relate to queer theory The panel included commentary on Kill Shakespeare by Karma Waltonen, The Vision by Andrew Barton, and on Steven Universe’s comics and show by Michael Lee[...]

Marvels Writers Room Talks About Their Next Big Thing At ECCC

Marvel's Writer's Room Talks About Their 'Next Big Thing' At ECCC

Walker (Occupy Avengers, upcoming Luke Cage), and Jim Zub (Thunderbolts, upcoming Uncanny Avengers).The panel began by jumping straight into questions from the audience, in which the creators answered questions about not just their current and future respective books, but also Marvel itself and beyond!Dennis Hopeless couldn’t say anything about Doctor Strange, as writer Jason Aaron[...]

The Nature Of Time Itself Is Examined In The Metaphysics Of Comics At ECCC

The Nature Of Time Itself Is Examined In 'The Metaphysics Of Comics' At ECCC

It featured a panel of writers and artists discussing the mechanics and presentation of comics, including different methods of presenting time, the creation and ascension of motion comics, page layout, and what the future of the medium could look like.Louise is herself an accomplished colorist, who’s done work for Dark Horse, Image, BOOM!, and more.  She was[...]