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A look at Paragon (Image: Pikchure Zero Entertainment)
Almost a year-to-date from when we first reported about pop culture god Danny Trejo's (Everything Worth Watching) great day, when he went from saving a baby in an over-turned car (just in case you dare question "The Trejo," you can check out the story here) to joining the cast of Pikchure Zero Entertainment's new sci-fi action series[...]
Epic Games Giving Away Paragon Assets for Free
Epic Games just dropped a bit of a bombshell on Paragon fans as the company revealed they're going to be giving away about $12 million in gaming assets for free The game came to an ungraceful end, resulting in the company refunding players for DLC they pre-ordered Now that Epic doesn't have much to worry[...]
Epic Games is Shutting Down Paragon in April
Epic Games is shutting down free-to-play MOBA Paragon in April This falls in line with their recent decision to focus exclusively on development for Fortnite. As detailed in a recent blog post, Epic will continue operating Paragon's servers until April 26 Until then, matchmaking times and quality will continue to degrade throughout these few months as the player population decreases. "After[...]
Epic Developer Admits Fortnite's Success Could Be Trouble For Paragon's Future
Paragon community coordinator Edgar Diaz has taken to Reddit to talk about the game's future in a frank, and ultimately worrying way. For a couple weeks, I got into Paragon Epic Games' third-person MOBA certainly has some depth, looks great and could be pretty fun to play For someone who likes the idea of MOBAs conceptually,[...]
'Paragon' Hero Gets A New Trailer Less Than A Week From Release
Paragon is less than a week away from releasing a brand new hero on August 29th, but Epic Games couldn't wait that long to show you what he's capable of Drongo comes with a couple awesome abilities, which you can check out in the latest trailer below for the character Among them are the Gag Grenade,[...]
Paragon Open Beta Is Now Live And Gets A Launch Trailer
I've played a fair bit of Paragon and the game is really strong As a third person MOBA, it's probably the most convincing I've seen the idea adopted The over the shoulder look will certainly make this easier to swallow for new players to the genre. Well, now there is nothing stopping you except time and[...]
Paragon Is Getting A Free Beta Weekend Next Week
I've been noodling away in Paragon for a little while now The third person action moba from Epic Games is actually a ton of fun, and I've really enjoyed my time with it. While it might not be for everyone, you can see if it is up your ally very soon It's been announced that the[...]
Get Your First Look At Epic Game's Moba Paragon
At the PSX Keynote, the closing game of the show was Gears of War creator Epic Game's new title, Paragon The title is a third person moba, much in the vein Smite, and is clearly going to try and make a name for itself on the genre bandwagon. Well, you can get your first look at[...]