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One-Eyes Willy's Treasure Awaits with The Goonies Prop Collection

We are living in a world surrounded by sequels and remakes, and I am surprised that The Goonies continues to remain untouched. This is a good thing and I do not think a film like this needs a remake or a sequel unless we can get the return of the entire cast as the story continues with their kids. Thankfully, there is still so much love for The Goonies and Paragon FX Group is here to help spread their impressive prop skills with their new Adventure Collection. Fully licensed by Warner Brothers and Amblin Entertainment, this bundle includes three iconic pieces from The Goonies faithfully recreated to give collectors the highest-quality props around. 

The Goonies Adventure Collection features The Copper Bones Key, The Spanish Doubloon, and One-Eyed Willy's Treasure Map. The treasure map is the highlight of the collection as Paragon found one of the last intact maps used from the film and recreated it on parchment paper. The Doubloon and Copper Bones Key are essential pieces to The Goonies and are beautifully captured and given that perfect weathered detail. Paragon FX Group really shows off their next prop skill and research with this set, and The Goonies fans will not want to miss out on owning it. Limited to only 1,500 pieces, fans can find the set here for $199.99 with it set to release in May 2022. 

"You're gonna need the proper equipment if you plan on finding One-Eyed Willy's treasure and Paragon FX Group has made things easy by putting it all in one complete set for you. Yep, everything – It's all right here! The Goonies Adventure Collection ships complete with The Copper Bones Key, The Spanish Doubloon, and of course, Willy's Treasure Map."

"Fully licensed by Warner Brothers and Amblin Entertainment, the prop makers at Paragon began their research for this collection by taking a look at The Copper Bones Key. Numerous versions that are purported to be from production have surfaced over the years. In the end, we were greatly inspired by a surviving key that remains with a prominent actor from the film. The decision was then made to cast this piece in metal and finish with a proper patina, befitting of a relic of its age and origin."

"The Spanish Doubloon is also cast in metal and was sized from an original prop. As with the key, the proper patina ensures this piece becomes a cherished part of your collection. Finally, the map. After extensive research, Amblin provided us with the bulk of our reference for Willy's map. A surviving map that was given away as a 'wrap gift' at the film's completion serves as the base for this replica. As with the original, additional text and miscellaneous indicia was added to complete the replica which is offered here on quality parchment-like paper."

  • 1/1 Scale
  • Made of metal and paper
  • From the movie, The Goonies
  • Highly detailed replicas
  • Officially licensed
  • Limited edition of 1,500 pieces

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