“Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory” is “SOCOM” Meets “We Happy Few”

"Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory" is "SOCOM" Meets "We Happy Few"

Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory is a digital adaptation of a classic tabletop game, so naturally, it’s a bit of a SOCOM-style tactical RPG The player needs to work their way up in the world of rampant propaganda and medicated happiness The game follows the source material when it comes to the color-coded class tiers, over-the-top[...]

Friend Computer Says Rejoice, and Watch This "Paranoia' Trailer.

Friend Computer Says Rejoice, and Watch This 'Paranoia' Trailer.

The setting was perfect for us, the perpetually doomed Reagan Youth, and the plights of our perpetually dying characters made up for many a fantastic weekend.[caption id="attachment_1015920" align="aligncenter" width="600"] //Credit: Bigben Interactive[/caption]Paranoia has managed to keep on going in the years since then, and has evolved into quite the franchise[...]