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Jason Bourne Takes Over The Vegas Strip

As part of filming the new Jason Bourne movie staring Matt Damon, Tommy Lee Jones and Alicia Vikander, director Paul Greengrass got permission to shut down the Vegas Strip to film a chase scene between a cop car and a SWAT van The feauterette below looks at the filming of the scene and talks with[...]

Jason Bourne Title Revealed In Super Bowl Teaser

Jason Bourne is the name of the fifth installment of the espionage series. It marks the return of Matt Damon as David Webb/Jason Bourne,  the super agent who tries to defeat the United States government by attacking it with a magazine. [youtube][/youtube] Jason Bourne opens on July 29th.

Vincent Cassel To Hunt Bourne In New Sequel

Cassel joins a long list of Bourne enemies -- including Brian Cox, Chris Cooper, Clive Owen and others -- attempting to halt the spy's search for answers.The Bourne sequel sees the return of star Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass, director of The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum Story details are scarce, but sources say[...]

Matt Damon Talks Bourne Trilogy Sequel

tech Nicky Parsons and Supremacy/Ultimatum director Paul Greengrass, with Tommy Lee Jones and Alicia Vikander announced to join the cast It will be released on July 26th, 2016. Matt Damon, while talking to Buzzfeed about his new film, The Martian, offered a few insights into his return as Jason Bourne in the as-of-yet untitled fourth[...]

Jason Bourne To Return To The Franchise

Move aside Jeremy Renner, according to Deadline, Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass are teaming up again to make a Jason Bourne movie Universal Pictures is said to be so big on this idea that it's pushing Renner's Bourne Legacy spin-off out of the July 16th, 2016 slot for it.This all comes as a bit of[...]

Sony Courting Paul Greengrass To Direct Spy Thriller The Director

After the success of Captain Phillips, Sony is eager to get right back into business with Paul Greengrass, and is courting him to direct their just-acquired new spy thriller The Director, according to The Wrap He also has plans to adapt the screenplay himself.The topical thriller involves hacking the CIA and follows the Agency's[...]

Paul Greengrass At The Top Of Warner Bros' Wishlist To Direct The Stand

At the top of their wishlist to fill the vacant director's chair, according to Badass Digest: Paul GreengrassHe's having a bit of a moment with Captain Phillips and could very well land another Oscar nomination for the film in just a couple months, so it would be a good time to snag him[...]

London Film Festival Report – Reviews Of Captain Phillips And Tom At The Farm

My thoughts from the London Film Festival on Paul Greengrass' somali pirate thriller and Xavier Dolan's latest obtuse drama.Captain PhillipsPaul Greengrass’ latest thriller is an almost unbearably tense two hours spent alongside Tom Hanks as Richard Phillips, a captain whose American container ship is highjacked by Somali pirates.Hanks is superb as the captain struggling to[...]

These Two New Captain Phillips TV Spots Sell A Thrilling Military Thriller

Two new TV spots for Paul Greengrass' Captain Phillips, which stars Tom Hanks in the lead role, have been released online and I can't help but think that those cutting the spots were somewhat inspired by the success of Zero Dark Thirty last year and are aiming these spots at a particular audience.Minor spoilers for[...]

New Images From Captain Phillips Featuring Tom Hanks

Earlier this week it was announced that Paul Greengrass' Captain Phillips will open the New York Film Festival in September and the London Film Festival in October I'll almost certainly be there for the European premiere in London and I'm expecting a taut edge-of-your-seat thriller from Greengrass and star Tom Hanks.A couple of new images[...]

Paul Greengrass' Somali Pirate Picture To Open The London Film Festival

Paul Greengrass' Captain Phillips will open the London Film Festival on the 9th of October at the Odeon Leicester Square.The film stars Tom Hanks in the titular role and is based on the real life 2009 hijacking of the U.S container ship Maersk Alabama by a crew of Somali pirates.Captain Phillips will be receiving its world premiere[...]

The Chilean Miners Forming A Corporation And Seeking Book And Film Deal

“It’s a great story of perseverance and hope, but I don’t know if it’s a movie yet.” Another producer says it would be critical to attract a high-level author for the book, which could then lure an auteur director like Paul Greengrass or Danny Boyle to the material. So, the likelihood of any film coming to[...]