Paul Greengrass At The Top Of Warner Bros' Wishlist To Direct The Stand


They may have lost another director in Scott Cooper, but Warner Bros is charging full speed ahead on their adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand. At the top of their wishlist to fill the vacant director's chair, according to Badass Digest: Paul Greengrass.

He's having a bit of a moment with Captain Phillips and could very well land another Oscar nomination for the film in just a couple months, so it would be a good time to snag him. Badass Digest think he's an odd choice, but I think he would probably bring the same gritty, grounded approach as Cooper would have. A Greengrass take is probably still very much within the same field of vision the studio has in mind for the project (as long as they get him to put down the shaky cam), though perhaps they should figure out how many movies they want and what rating it should have before choosing a director who can deliver exactly what they want.

Nothing close to being final on this yet, just a glimpse at the mindset of the studio, who are still intent on getting this made wit a top-notch director.

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