Sony Courting Paul Greengrass To Direct Spy Thriller The Director

director After the success of Captain Phillips, Sony is eager to get right back into business with Paul Greengrass, and is courting him to direct their just-acquired new spy thriller The Director, according to The Wrap. He also has plans to adapt the screenplay himself.

The topical thriller involves hacking the CIA and follows the Agency's resident geek and head of the Internet Operations Center James Morris, described as "charming (and unstable)" who is tasked by CIA director Graham Weber with flushing out a mole after proof of the agency being hacked surfaces, a hunt that takes him into the hacker underground of Europe and the US, where "a landscape of paranoia and betrayal await him." I'm hoping the title of the book/movie isn't one gigantic spoiler about who that mole is.

The film will be based on David Ignatius' new novel, which doesn't come out until May. The author also wrote Body of Lies, previously adapted into a Ridley Scott film starring Leonardo Dicaprio and Russell Crowe. Captain Phillips producer Scott Rudin is producing this one, so now all we need is Tom Hanks as Weber.

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