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5 New Kolchak The Night Stalker Books Coming This February

5 New Kolchak The Night Stalker Books Coming This February

This propels him and Skorzeny forward in time. Sutton meets Kolchak & they track the vampire.Kolchak: The Phoenix Rising Story: Paul Kupperberg Art: David Bryant Strange visitor from another planet, Bennu, and Kolchak investigate a murder case where the main suspect’s alibi is alien abduction! Kolchak doesn’t believe the suspect and has no idea who or what Bennu is,[...]

Alan Kupperberg Dies Aged 62

Alan Kupperberg Dies, Aged 62

According to his brother and fellow comic book professional Paul, veteran comic book artist and writer Alan Kupperberg died last night from thymus cancer, aged 62. Kupperberg was an artist on many Marvel comic books during the seventies and eighties including The Invaders, Thor, Marvel Two-In-One, What If, Defenders, Star Wars, Iceman, New Universe, The Punisher and Spider-Man titles […]

The All-Star Sci-Fi Anthology Pangea From Crazy 8 Hits Kickstarter

The All-Star Sci-Fi Anthology, Pangea, From Crazy 8 Hits Kickstarter

Burstein, Adam Troy-Castro, Lawrence Schoen, Kelly Meding, Geoffrey Thorne, Kevin Dilmore, and Dayton Ward, Friedman, Russ Colchamiro, Peter David, Robert Greenberger, Glenn Hauman, Paul Kupperberg, and Aaron Rosenberg. “As Crazy 8 Press’s first Kickstarter campaign Pangea will provide its writers, not its publisher, with the lion’s share of the revenue,” David said "All proceeds after expenses will be[...]

Thors Comic Review Column &#8211 Teen Titans Dark Engine Translucid Black Market Seconds Life With Archie Journey Into Mystery: Sif And A Few Words For Those Who Cant Handle Change In Funnybooks

Thor's Comic Review Column – Teen Titans, Dark Engine, Translucid, Black Market, Seconds, Life With Archie, Journey Into Mystery: Sif, And A Few Words For Those Who Can't Handle Change In Funnybooks

decided to have their cake and eat it too by having two universes -- one in which Archie marries Betty (shorthanded to the “AMB universe”), and another in which he marries Veronica (the “AMV universe”) -- share the same magazine-format book (while all other Archie books were oblivious to these new realities, going about their[...]

Freakmagnets and Criminal Indictments—Archie Comics at Baltimore Comic Con

Freakmagnets and Criminal Indictments—Archie Comics at Baltimore Comic Con

Archie itself is approaching 650 issues, and the landmark issue will feature a “Bollywood Love” cover.Paul Kupperberg spoke about his work on Life with Archie and had a philosophical approach to how difficult things are for “Archie and his wives” in the split storyline Expect plenty of conflict there, too, since, according to Kupperberg, “happy[...]