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According to a Tweet by House Speaker Paul Ryan, the gains from the tax cuts could allow one public high school secretary to buy upwards of two comic books per month! Ryan originally stated the gains in terms of a Costco membership, tweeting: But Ryan later deleted the tweet, possibly because he was receiving a lot of backlash[...]
Kieron Dywer, Political Cartoonist
Kieron Dwyer is no stranger to controversy. The former Avengers and Captain America artist once go into it with Starbucks over a parody cover for his
Mike Manley To Take Over The Phantom Comic Strips
It was announced today that Mike Manley will be taking over The Phantom comic strip after the recent passing of artist Paul Ryan Manley has worked previously on Batman, Quasar, Darkhawk, Captain America and The Power of Shazam He has also worked on animated series like Spy Groove, Spawn and Clerks: The Animated Series[...]
Ayn Rand Gets Comic Biography On-Line… For Free
You've heard the name, Ayn Rand… she was brought up a lot during the 2012 elections in relation to Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan who stated his belief in her views… though he tried to back away from them as the election went on Comic fans should also be familiar with her in relation[...]
Saturday Trending Topics: The Other Paul Ryan
Whether you're a Republican, a Democrat, or other, if you're reading BC I think you'll agree that we should give some equal time to the other Paul Ryan, who has drawn titles ranging from Avengers and Fantastic Four to Superman and Batman I'm sure Ryan the comic book artist has had his fill of being[...]
Paul Ryan And His Anti-Comic Book Gaffe
Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan was attacking President Obama in Virginia yesterday, for not having an agenda for a second term as President. "Just a couple of days ago he came up with a slick new brochure, you know, with less than two weeks left to say, 'Oh I do actually have an agenda,' It[...]
Celebrating The Career Of Paul Ryan. In Comics.
Yesterday, it was announced that Mitt Romney had chosen US Representative Paul Ryan to be his running mate for the 2012 Presidential Elections for the United States Of America. Which instantly destroyed any chance of Paul Ryan, comic book artist, for being found on Google This is an attempt to try and right that wrong, even[...]