Peter Davidson

Doctor Who: Are We Giving Daleks Self-Esteem Issues?

If there was one major takeaway from this year's BBC Doctor Who New Year's Special 'Resolution,' it's that there's definitely a new Dalek in town. It's broke and has no casing, broken off by a bunch of warriors hundreds of years ago. So what's a poor Dalek in "The Big City" to do when it finally […]

Doctor Who: Our Ranking of the Best "Dooo-Wooo" Title Sequences

Last week, in honor of Doctor Who's 55th Anniversary, BBC posted an updated compilation of all of the Doctor Who title sequences on the show's YouTube channel. The approximately eleven minute long video includes both the audio and visual sequence changes over the course of the show, 18 different versions. Notably, the collection does not include […]

Peter Davison's Superb Doctor Who Special The Five-Ish Doctors Coming To DVD

The Doctor Who 50th anniversary went a lot better than I'd expected. Not only did I really love The Day of the Doctor, Peter Davison's bonus special The Five-ish Doctors was a treat too. If you missed it, the show was a sitcom, essentially, that focused on Peter Davison, Sylvester McCoy and Colin Baker around […]