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At one point, Gunn was asked who else auditioned for the role that would go to Chris Pratt: Guardians of the Galaxy's Peter Quill aka Star-Lord Though Gunn said he would never reference a name unless that person made it known publicly first, Gunn stated "many people" knew Howerton auditioned and was Gunn's second choice[...]
Growth and Moving On: Star-Lord #6 Review
With knowing oneself, and facing the world with maturity, even when it is being as hard and as confusing as possible to you. It also contains Old Man Logan in a sheer negligee, open-robed hugging, geriatric morning after and a raccoon in a hipster bar. Art by Kris Anka and Matt Wilson The team have put together a[...]
Chris Pratt Explains What A Walkman Is – Guardians Of The Galaxy Promo
Music is a huge part of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, so much that a Sony Walkman cassette player is a regular part of Peter Quill's (Chris Pratt) outfit It's how he listens to the music his mom left him Quill of course left Earth in the 1980s… when cassettes were still popular[...]
Thanos Makes An Impact In New York City
Not a good thing for Peter Quill's homeworld. Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy airs Sunday at 8:00 AM on Disney XD can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Season 1, Ep 26 – Clip 1 ( Things seem to go from bad to worse as Thanos uses his powers to stop[...]
Working For The Collector Can Be Explosive In This Clip From Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy
Peter Quill and the team are hired by The Collector to deliver some animals to his brother, except the animals have been booby trapped to explode if they eat meat Pretty diabolical. Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy returns Sunday at 8:30 AM on Disney XD [youtube][/youtube] Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy animated series returns for it's 11th[...]
How The Guardians Of The Galaxy Animated Series Differs From The Film
It feels like a continuation of the movie but I don't think it is. The episode opens with Peter Quill / Star-Lord leading the Guardians on a mission to rescue a freedom fighter… or at least that's what he told Gamora He told Rocket Raccoon they were saving a weapons dealer What he didn't tell anyone[...]
Animated Origins Of Drax The Destroyer
We've gotten the animated origins for Peter Quill / Star-Lord, Groot and Rocket Raccoon… and now with the Guardians of the Galaxy animated series getting closer, we have the origin of Drax the Destroyer Drax is voiced by David Sobolov. Guardians of the Galaxy debuts September 26th on Disney XD [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] [...]
James Gunn Is Almost Done With Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Draft
Gunn said that the film will answer some of the questions about Peter Quill's father and that he's a different person than who is the father in the comic book origin When Gunn came up with the idea, he pitched it to Marvel as soon as the sequel was approved The response was "that's risky"[...]
Did You Miss The Live Guardians Of The Galaxy Commentary?
If you missed last night live Guardians of the Galaxy commentary and Q&A with James Gunn (and he was joined by his brother Sean Gunn and Yondu himself Michael Rooker), you can read it here on Gunn's facebook page. One of the more interesting things to come out of the commentary is that Yondu was supposed to[...]
Everything Wrong With Guardians Of The Galaxy And A James Gunn Rebuttal
The technology involved in Peter Quill playing his cassettes. From his facebook page: I'm getting a lot of questions about the AA batteries in Quill's Walkman, and how Quill's Walkman can survive for so long. GUYS, THEY HAVE THE ALIEN TECHNOLOGY TO TRAVEL FASTER THAN LIGHT BETWEEN PLANETS, I think they can figure out an alternative power source[...]
James Gunn Talks Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 And Who Is Star-Lord's Daddy
In a phone conversation with Empire Magazine, director James Gunn talked about his plans for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (slated for July 27, 2016) and the issues of Peter Quill's father. "I've got the basic story for the sequel worked out I've thought a lot about where these characters are going and where they came[...]
Peter Quill's Mix-Tape From Guardians Of The Galaxy Remixed As Hip Hop Album
1", a parody of Peter Quill's mixtape in the film Each track on the album contains a sample from the film's soundtrack, in true hip-hop fashion (All samples licensed under Fair Use for purposes of critique, criticism, parody, and education.) I first shared his music with the world when he did a music video for Bill[...]
Michael Rooker Let Some Spoilers Slip On Yondu's Connection To Peter Quill
The relationship between Yondu and Starlord (Chris Pratt) starts after a young Peter Quill suffers a tragedy He is then taken off world by the blue-skinned alien who becomes a surrogate father figure to the boy. Yondu raises Peter along side the Ravagers, the outer-space equivalent to a biker gang and they conspire together to steal[...]
Even More Guardians TV Trailers
Marvel has released two new Guardians Of The Galaxy trailers. First is the 9th TV spot and then the 2nd international TV trailer... though you could
What's On Peter Quill's Mix Tape? James Gunn Lets Us In On The Beats…
Amazon had it up on their site yesterday but today it's down and a simple logo on black image has replaced it. Here is what Gunn has to say: NOTE this is not the entirety of the Mixed Tape that Peter Quill listens to, the one that I gave to Chris Pratt that he listened to endlessly[...]