How The Guardians Of The Galaxy Animated Series Differs From The Film

** Spoilers **


Marvel and Disney debuted the new Guardians of the Galaxy animated series on Disney XD Saturday night. The cartoon tries hard to have the feel of the film, but has to keep some of the humor in check because of the younger audience. It feels like a continuation of the movie but I don't think it is.

The episode opens with Peter Quill / Star-Lord leading the Guardians on a mission to rescue a freedom fighter… or at least that's what he told Gamora. He told Rocket Raccoon they were saving a weapons dealer. What he didn't tell anyone is that the were actually going in for Yondu. Then we learn that Korath is the one that took Yondu and that there is a cube of that needs a special key to open. They key, of course, is Quill and that's why Yondu manipulated him there. This all leads to the Broker who has now set up shop in Knowhere… where we get to meet Cosmo and find out what happens when the severed head of a Celestial comes back to life.

Story-wise, where it may vary from the film is in a few places. Korath for one, here he is alive and a "brother" to Gamora and Nebula having also been raised by Thanos. It didn't come across that way in the film and is sure looked like he died while fighting Drax.

Second, they tell us that Quill is part Spartax and that his blaster only works for him because of his Spartax DNA… and its the key to opening the box. The film's director James Gunn said that Quill's father will not be J'son of Spartax in the sequel. Add in that the cartoon is using the fill names more… Rocket Raccoon and Drax the Destroyer… and it appears that though based on the film, going forward it will be more on the comics.

Overall, it was a fun half-hour of entertainment. Kids who liked the film will definitely like it. Adults who liked the film will enjoy watching it if they're not expecting it to be a sequel to the film.


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