Hasbro's Marvel Legends Guardians Pack Is Here! Ego Is The Star, But Is This Set Worth It?

I loved Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 almost as much as the first one, and a lot of it had to do with Kurt Russell and his portrayal of Ego. I mean…it's Kurt Russell. Even if everything about that film and that character had been terrible, I could never hate it. And of course, as I sat in the theaters, as with almost every one of these films, all I could think about while watching it was buying toys of everything I saw on screen (just like they want me to!). And, while not everything I wanted from the film has been released, I stumbled upon the Star-Lord/Ego two-pack at Toys R Us the other day.

Hasbro has nailed their Legends packaging. Giant window boxes showing off the figures in such a way that MOC collectors can display the figures to the awesome side panel art, every figure in the Legends line now will display well whether MOC or loose. I have no complaints here, except that I am a loose collector and I hate opening these things and ruining the box.

Star-Lord is up first, and he should look quite familiar to Legends collectors! Not only is this just a repack of the Wave One Star-Lord, it is the third Star-Lord released. That is not to say that this figure is bad, it is actually great. The likeness is pretty good, Although I prefer the helmet on version. The included Walkmen pack-in is a joke, it is tiny and attaches with a little peg hole to his belt. It does not stay on at all, and I lost it ten minutes after taking these pictures.

Ego is the star of the show here, and I adore this figure. No accessories, but that's OK. He comes with swappable heads, even though each one kinda looks exactly the same. I prefer the slightly annoyed looking one. Most importantly, the head sculpt is fantastic. And a special shout-out to them for nailing the paint aps on the beard and hair here. The wash on his outfit is great, the cape is removable when you swap the heads. I do wish he came with an energy ball or something so that he can play catch with Peter or something, but I am just happy to have an Ego.

This pack is cool, but its flaws are not with the figures. Why only put Ego in a pack like this? Why not take out one of the comic figures from Wave 2 and replace him with Ego? Yes, it makes sense to have Peter packaged with his dad, but why couldn't this pack have been where they put the Mantis figure? For $40, is kinda sucks to have to buy another Star-Lord just to get Ego, and putting Mantis in would have made as much sense instead of making her a Build A Figure. Taserface could have been the BAF for Wave 2 then! Ugh, missed opportunity there.

Overall, I bought this pack because I really wanted Ego. My daughter gets the extra Peter Quill, everyone is happy. But, unless you don't have the Star-Lord already, $40 is pretty steep for this pack with little in the way of accessories. For me, Ego was worth it. Your mileage may vary on this one.

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