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"Phantasy Star Online 2" Announces Open Beta For March 17th
SEGA and Epic Games revealed this week that Phantasy Star Online 2 Global will launch on the Epic Games Store next week The word came down as part of a slew of announcements from Epic Games of several titles on the way during a showcase they held this week The addition caught a lot of[...]
GDC 2019 to Award SEGA's Reiko Kodama with Pioneer Award
Kodama worked on some of the most beloved titles in SEGA's classic library, from Phantasy Star to Alex Kidd to Skies of Arcadia. Kodama was one of the early trailblazers as a game artist, director, and producer who established her career in an era that undervalued the work of women in game development[...]
Phantasy Star for Nintendo Switch Pushed to November 15th
It appears there's been a slight change of plans for the release of North American version of Phantasy Star for Nintendo Switch According to Game Watch, the release date was pushed back a few weeks on the eShop and will now become available on November 15th No further details were given as to why they pushed[...]
SEGA Teases New Phantasy Star Game for Mobile on 30th Anniversary
It looks like we'll be getting a new Phantasy Star title this year, but it sadly won't be on consoles as SEGA is teasing a mobile game The company launched a brand-new website as part of the series' 30th Anniversary, which included a countdown clock to a big reveal on Tuesday, July 24th at 11 a.m[...]
Sega is Releasing Genesis and Master Era Games on The Switch
The company announced their intention to bring games like Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star, and Thuder Force 2 to the Switch under the Sega Ages label. There's currently no news of a Western release for the classic games, but based on Sega's recent move to port over the remastered versions of Shenmue I & II, its likely we will see the[...]
Sega's End Of Year Presentation Hints That Old Sega Franchises Might Return
Part of their strategy through to 202 was the "revival of past IPs," which could include any number of SEGA's proprietary franchises. Several names have already been bandied about, including Phantasy Star and Shining Force Alpha Protocol developer Obsidian found the news interesting, if nothing else. You don't say. What if…? — Obsidian (@Obsidian) May 15, 2017 This news[...]