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"I Knew I'd Like Turok Best." – Phil Hester Talks Gold Key Alliance

Phil Hester talks Gold Key: Alliance #4 (of 5), on sale in July from Dynamite Cover by Felipe Massafera.BYRON BREWER: Phil, as the penultimate issue of your tale (#4, July) arrives, what have been the greatest challenges about teaming this gang of classic characters?PHIL HESTER: Juggling the disparate casts and locales, for sure Thankfully, we[...]

Phil Hester's Writers Commentary For Gold Key Alliance #1

A Writer Commentary: Phil Hester talks Gold Key Alliance #1, on sale now from Dynamite Art by Brent Peeples.PAGE 1 I've always been a sucker for those John Byrne-style close up splash pages with a character uttering some shocking or intriguing line, so why not kick off the whole series with one? Samson not only starts[...]

Phil Hester Talks Modernizing Classic Heroes Like Magnus And Turok

Phil Hester talks Gold Key: Alliance #3, on sale in June from Dynamite Cover is by Felipe Massafera.BYRON BREWER: Phil, was it tough to mesh these classic heroes together – especially since you are also introducing new iterations of them to a modern readership?PHIL HESTER: Well, since we made the fundamental change of moving each[...]

Phil Hester Talks About Forming The Gold Key Alliance For Dynamite

Writer Phil Hester talks about Gold Key: Alliance #2 (of 5), on sale in May from Dynamite Cover is by Felipe Massafera.BYRON BREWER: Phil, as issue #2 approaches in May, tell us what it feels like to handle all these classic characters, re-establishing a comics Universe?PHIL HESTER: I don’t really think of it like that[...]

Phil Hester Talks Gold Key: Alliance #1

Writer Phil Hester takes the keys as Dynamite launches a new series starring the classic comic characters Magnus: Robot Figher, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Solar: Man of the Atom Byron Brewer caught up with the writer about Gold Key: Alliance #1 and working with artist Brent Peeples Cover art by Felipe Massafera.BYRON BREWER: This miniseries[...]

With 2 Hours To Go, Broken Frontier Kickstarter Goes To The Wire…. (UPDATE)

Can a last minute Bleeding Cool bump put it over the edge? A 250-page hardcover colour anthology of comics with 45 contributors including David Hine, Mark Stafford, Greg Pak, Karrie Fransman, Alison Sampson, Cullen Bunn, Phil Hester, INJ Culbard, Josh Fialkov, Fred Van Lente, Nathan Fox, Tom Raney and more.Can they make it?UPDATE: Well, that seemed to do[...]

Phil Hester Makes His Mark On The DC/CW Universe

The art for the Flash: Season Zero has been done by comic veteran Phil Hester, who did a long run on Green Arrow with both Kevin Smith and Brad Metzler Hester is also a writer and with the 19th issue of the series, he got to script the stand-alone issue, introduce a new character and[...]

Free On Bleeding Cool – Masquerade #1 By Ross, Hester And Paul

For your Thursday morning entertainment we have Masquerade #1 by Alex Ross, Phil Hester and Carlos Paul The issue is brought to you by Dynamite Entertainment who is making this available to get folks interested in the second digital comic bundle from the publisher and Groupees As part of the lowest tier of books you[...]

Phil Hester Covers The Shadow

Out today is The Shadow Special 2014 by Phil Hester and Ivan Rodriguez. The weed of crime, which once grew madly in the rich soil of the Great Depression, is now withering on the streets of New York A new factory has sprung up among the shuttered sweatshops, sweeping the city's most notorious criminals and desperate[...]

Free On Bleeding Cool – Kevin Smith's Bionic Man #1

Before Dynamite's current season of the Six Million Dollar Man, they did a series about the Bionic Man written by Kevin Smith and his Green Arrow partner Phil Hester along with art by Jonathan Lau Now to go with a Six Million Dollar Man / Bionic Woman sale on ComiXology this weekend, Dynamite is given[...]

Prequel To The Flash TV Show Hits Digital Comics

Art for the series is done by Phil Hester and Eric Gapstur and the first issue has a variant cover by Francis Manapul.Like its CW counterpart, Arrow, The Flash Season Zero will be running bi-weekly opposite Arrow Season 2.5 which bridges the gap between last season and the shows premiere on October 8th The Arrow Season 2.5 digital series[...]

Things To Do In Iowa This Weekend If You Like Comics

The University of Northern Iowa's Rod Library is hosting its first "mini comic-con" this Saturday, March 29th, which will include panels by Ramzi Fawaz from the University of Wisconsin and Phil Hester.The mini comic-con's Artist Alley will include Phil Hester, Aaron Gillespie, Gregg Paulsen, and more and the event will also host a costume contest[...]

The Deadman That Wasn't

Phil Hester has been cleaning out his closet. Cleaned the studio, so stand by for ancient oddities First: DC made me change this Deadman back in the day— Phillip Hester (@philhester) March 13, 2014  So.. what happened? @philhester but.....but that's awesome!!— Agent Android Shaw (@andrew_shaw23) March 13, 2014   @NewMutant Yes + Chris Farley & Gandhi.— Phillip Hester (@philhester)[...]

A Career Retrospective With Phil Hester

Travis Ellisor writes;I first encountered Phil Hester's work when he teamed-up with Mark Millar (and a bit of Grant Morrison) on one of the best Swamp Thing runs ever My opinion of his art improved greatly once I started seeing his collaborations with inker Ande Parks, and then I found that Phil was a great[...]

Image Launches The Invincible Universe By Phil Hester And Todd Nauck In April

And that's what Phil Hester and Todd Nauck will be investigating in April with a new comic from Skybound/Image.Here's the solicitation;INVINCIBLE UNIVERSE #1 (W) Phil Hester (A/CA) Todd Nauck, John Rauch In the aftermath of INVINCIBLE 100 and "The Death of Everyone," Dinosaurus has left his mark on the world Can heroes from across the universe -[...]

Monkeybrain – A Digital Image Comics For The Twenty-First Century

Franklin, Ken Garing, Chris Haley, David Hahn, Phil Hester, Joe Keatinge, D.J Kirkbride, Adam Knave, Axel Medellin, Jennifer L Meyer, Michael Montenat, Ananth Panagariya, Thomas Perkins, Adam Rosenlund, Chris Schweitzer, Brandon Seifert, Chris Sims, Matthew Dow Smith, Paul Tobin, J Torres, Josh Williamson and...  Bill Willingham.Roberson was recently fired from working for DC Comics, after[...]

The Comic Book Pages That The Hyatt Lost At C2E2

If anyone sees it anywhere please let me know.Said bag contained ALL of my artwork, clothes and 98% of the comics I had with me.I lost pieces from Phil Hester , Jim Cheung, Tommy Patterson , Ryan Stegman , Cory Hamscher and Joe Eisma #BeyondupsetOf course the Hyatt tweeted me last night There is no[...]