Phil Hester Makes His Mark On The DC/CW Universe

The Flash: Season Zero and Arrow: Season 2.5 are unique among the DC digital first comics in that not only do they tie into the television versions of The Flash and Green Arrow, but they are considered part of the continuity and we're being co-written by executive producers of the shows (Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim). The art for the Flash: Season Zero has been done by comic veteran Phil Hester, who did a long run on Green Arrow with both Kevin Smith and Brad Metzler. Hester is also a writer and with the 19th issue of the series, he got to script the stand-alone issue, introduce a new character and answer a question from the pilot… just how high up did the particle accelerator's energy spike go?

The issue focuses on a government project Caitlin Snow was working on prior to the incident, maybe even before she went to work at STAR Labs. They put a astronaut into cryogenic sleep and put him in a satellite in space. We find out that the project didn't go as expected resulting in something Team Flash had to clean up years later.

Hester's turn at the wheel resulted in a compelling self-contained story that helps show how much the character of Caitlin has grown. I don't know if this was just a one-off issue and Kreisberg and crew will be back… but if not, then the comic is in good hands with Hester doing the writing as it has been with him doing the art.


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