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A World Without Batman Or Scott Snyder - Crossover #9 (Spoilers)
But could Batman have escaped from the Crossover event into this world, or is someone doing their best to be the Batman? Of course, Powers originally came from Brian Bendis' failed attempts to write for DC Comics' Batman Adventures comic book Bendis… so is this the moment when Deena Pilgrim comes face to face with her own[...]
Major Characters Return To Image Comics In Crossover #7 (Spoilers)
Crossover #7 is a "very special" episode of the Crossover series written by Donny Cates and drawn by Geoff Shaw, which features Chip Zdarsky and is written by Chip Zdarsky and drawn by Phil Hester A comic book in which comic book characters from all over have taken their war into the real world. In issue[...]
Image Comics Solicitations June 2021
While Phil Hester of Mythic, Clerks and Green Arrow and Ande Parks of Green Arrow, Ciudad, Union Station and Capote in Kansas will be drawing the series They will be joined by the usual colourist and letterer, Dee Cunniffe and John J Hill, for Crossover #7 And here's the cover to prove it. Chip Zdarsky, Phil[...]
Neil Gaiman, Chris Bachalo Doctor Strange Poem For Hero Initiative
They are not alone, Phil Hester and Ande Parks have produced a battle between Green Arrow and co-creation character Onomatopoeia, with a wealth of sound-effects hand-written directly on the artboard by Onomatopoeia-created writer Kevin Smith. Hero initiative page by Phil Hester and Ande Parks and lettered/written by Kevin Smith. Hang on, did Kevin Smith just hand-letter a page[...]
Creator Credits For Swamp Thing Giant #4 and Wonder Woman Giant #4, Released
From swamp to city they'll hunt him, and while their target tries to keep the innocent from becoming collateral damage, the same can't be said of his pursuers. Toys on Parade, an 8-page story story written by Phil Hester with art by Tom Mandrake Deep in the bayou, Swamp Thing continues to follow the fifolet, despite not[...]
Image previews
Family Tree is a new series launching from Image Comics in November that's been a long time coming, announced a few years ago from Jeff Lemire and Phil Hester And now we have a look ahead at the first few pages of the first issue… FAMILY TREE #1 (MR) (W) Jeff Lemire (A/CA) Phil Hester, Ryan Cody,[...]
Image to Finally Publish Jeff Lemire and Phil Hester's Family Tree
By Jeff Lemire and Phil Hester, this "genre-defying" comic was first announced back at Emerald City Comic-Con in 2017, but the first issue is just coming out this November. A press release reveals more details: Image Comics is pleased to announce an all-new, ongoing genre-defying series by New York Times bestselling author Jeff Lemire (Gideon Falls, Ascender)[...]
Red Hood and the Outlaws #25 cover by Trevor Hairsine and Antonio Fabela
Batman is ready to bring the Red Hood down for good. The ending is also bittersweet and comes with a nice twist. There is something of a back-up tale with the "full" Outlaws lineup (Red Hood, Arsenal, Starfire, Bizarro, Artemis, and Creeper), and it turns out to be a storybook being read by Ma Gunn. Red Hood and[...]
Shipwreck #6 cover by Phil Hester and Mark Englert
Can he escape? Shipwreck #6 cover by Phil Hester and Mark Englert The time between Shipwreck #5 and #6 have not helped me keep track of how this story went before this issue That said, the comic does a good job of reestablishing the stakes and the tension laying upon Shipwright and his attempts to make it[...]
Batman Beyond #18 cover by Bernard Chang and Marcelo Maiolo
It started off as him being a rookie, but it has developed into his "thing." This series has struggled to give him much more than that, but he's still a likable lead. Batman Beyond #18 art by Phil Hester, Ande Parks, and Michael Spicer Phil Hester's artwork has a gritty styling pleasingly similar in some ways to[...]
Gold Key Alliance
Pulling together some of the classic comic heroes like Magnus: Robot Fighter, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Solare: Man of the Atom, written by Phil Hester with art by Brent Peeples. Turok, Dinosaur Hunter Magnus, Robot Fighter Solar, Man of the Atom The Mighty Samson The legendary heroes whose adventures have thrilled comic book readers for over[...]
American Mythology
Plus, Phil Hester, Jeremy Rock, and Dale Keown's Days Missing reaches the end of its saga More details below.   JAN181157 THE THREE STOOGES TP VOL 02 (W) S.A Check (A) Brendon Fraim, Brian Fraim Get more nyuks for your bucks with The Three Stooges Vol 2 Graphic Novel collection! America's favorite funnymen are back with the first comic book series that captures the[...]
AfterShock Launches New Anthology Comic, Shock, with Neil Gaiman, Marc Guggenheim, Jim Starlin, Charles Vess and More
Presented in the European Album format (same as the recent Animosity: the Rise hardcover for LCSD), this handsome hardcover features the creative talents of Bill Willingham, Marguerite Bennett, Mike Carey, Jim Starlin, Michael Zulli, Charles Vess, Michael Gaydos, Andy Clarke, Andrew Robinson, Sarah Delaine, Phil Hester, Paul Jenkins, Neil Gaiman, Dalibor Talajic, Travis Moore, Brian Azzarello, Francesco[...]
young monsters in love
The comic has an all star creative team including Paul Dini, James Robinson, Jeff Lemire, Steve Orlando, Mark Russell, Kyle Higgens, Alisa Kwitney, Phil Hester, Guillem March, Frazer Irving, Kelley Jones, and more Will that "and more" include more than one woman? Will it be edited by Eddie Berganza? We'll find out, we suppose. The press[...]