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Carrion Will Be Getting A Soundtrack Release On Vonyl
Materia Collective will be releasing the entire game soundtrack, composed by Cris Velasco, and with help from developer Phobia Game Studio Velasco's 25-track album will be every fans haunting dreams as they aim to capture the "creeping dread and otherworldly terror with darkly atmospheric music punctuated by moments of violent intensity" The soundtrack will have[...]
Devolver Digital Show Off "Carrion" During Their E3 Livestream
Phobia Game Studio and Devolver Digital dropped the news today along with a short trailer to mark the occasion We haven't really heard or seen much from the game since it was announced during E3, but it looks spectacular to us as you play a slithering virus trying to break out of its containment and[...]
Devolver Digital Show Off "Carrion" During Their E3 Livestream
Developed by Phobia Game Studio, this is a chance for you to become the villain of a horror film in a video game as you play the creature who escapes from whatever those scientists were working on, as you kill everything in sight and try to escape them putting you down! Enjoy the trailer below[...]