Phobias Trailer Will Unnerve You Film Is Out On March 19th

Phobias Trailer Will Unnerve You, Film Is Out On March 19th

Phobias is the type of horror film that makes my skin crawl Like most people, I have my own fears and anxieties that I deal with on a daily basis To watch helplessly as five people deal with extreme cases all while a mad man tries to weaponize them is not something I think I[...]

Cult Following E10: Bleeding Cools American Horror Story LIVE-BLOG

'Cult' Following E10: Bleeding Cool's American Horror Story LIVE-BLOG!

Welcome to 'Cult' Following E10: American Horror Story – 'Charles (Manson) in Charge,' Bleeding Cool's live-blog play-by-play of Tuesday night's penultimate episode of the horror franchise's seventh season on FX. We're going to be throwing-out a ton of thoughts, opinions and random off-topic tangents…so make sure to let us know what you think! can't be loaded […]