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Phoenix Jones Fights Championship To A Standstill
At the weekend, we reported that Bleeding Cool favourite, Real-Life-Superhero-turned-mixed-martial-arts-fighter Phoenix Jones was in a fight for the SFLA Welterweight Championship belt Here, according to Fight Network, is how it went down. Saturday night's co-main event was an absolute showstopper, as undefeated Enumclaw native and former U.S Marine, Tyson Cunningham fought Seattle's Ben Fodor, who is perhaps better[...]
Whatever Happened To Phoenix Jones?
Remember Phoenix Jones? Seattle-based vigilante who dresses up in a super hero costume and took justice to the streets, including hand to hand combat, citizen's arrest and at one point taking a bullet? While others looked to hand out clothes to the homeless, Jones tackled thugs He was arrested and unmasked by the media, but[...]
Phoenix Jones Comes To London
Rob Orr writes; Just like McDonald's, Starbuck's, financial recession, and gangster culture–he's your problem now, UK! (Just kidding, I actually dig real life superhero, Phoenix Jones.) Following a recent period of controversy involving assaulted bartenders and an apathetic Seattle Police Department: [youtube][/youtube] And a (successful) search for heroin evidence in city sewers: [youtube][/youtube] As promised, Seattle's costumed crusader has taken[...]
Phoenix Jones Is Recruiting – But Clark Kent Or Peter Parker Need Not Apply
Phoenix Jones is the most famous proponent of the Real Life Superhero movement, due to the fact that he actually beats up bad guys on the streets of Seattle And gets shot, stabbed and arrested in the process. And now he wants to know if you'd like to do the same. [youtube][/youtube] WANT TO BE A PART OF[...]
Phoenix Jones – The Song, The Protestors And The Pepper Spray
But Phoenix Jones also stars in a new music video with a song about… himself, from Quickie. There's also a PhoenixCam version of the Seattle protests, put online to prove that Phoenix did not pepper spray protesters as has been claimed It gets… quite intense Real Life Superheroics on the front line. [youtube][/youtube]     [...]
Phoenix Jones, Purple Rain And Dwight Schrute Against Domestic Abuse
Phoenix Jones is the world most famous real life superhero, from Seattle Purple Reign, is, well, another one, not quite so well known, but also from Seattle And Rainn Wilson played a real life superhero in the film Super, but everyone still thinks he's Dwight Schrute from The Office USA Or to me that creepy[...]
Police Drop All Charges Against Phoenix Jones
Publicola reports that they were priveleged to be the ones to tell Ben Fodor, better known as real life super hero, Phoenix Jones, that the city were dropping all charges against him. Arrested for pepper spraying a number of people in Seattle at night, which he defended by explaining he was coming to the aid of[...]
Phoenix Jones Trains His Successor, Nightstick
Real life super hero, Phoenix Jones, after revealing his secret identity, Ben Fodor, has also revealed he has a sidekick, called Nightstick to patrol the streets of Seattle with him. Foder befriended Nightstick in the mixed martial arts world and, according to Fodor, has phsically broken up criminal behavior and handcuffed a drug dealer to a[...]
Monday Trending Topics: Phoenix Jones, Wonder Woman, And The Avengers
What promises to be a busy week of news for the industry certainly got off to a big start today — Phoenix Jones in action, Wonder Woman controversy, all kinds of Avengers news, and that's just the tip of the massive, unrelenting iceberg of comic news that was drifting across the surface of Monday: Most-Read Comic[...]
Phoenix Jones Arrested For Assault
Bleeding Cool have covered the real life superhero antics of Phoenix Jones, who patrols the streets of Seattle challenging the like of drug dealers, car thieves and, now it seems, clubbers. He was arrested by Seattle Police yesterday morning after he is alleged to have pepper sprayed a group leaving a nightclu at at 2.30 am They[...]
Police Tell Phoenix Jones To Stop After Nose Broken
Bleeding Cool has covered the activities of Seattle's lead real life superhero Phoenix Jones in detail before Indeed, just last week I had a long conversation in the pub with a Millarworld moderator over the likelihood he might he invited to appear in Kick Ass 2. But on Saturday, Phoenix Jones had more pressing matters to[...]