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Photographic Review: Cover of Photographic by Quintero and Pena
Indigenous cultures, home traditions, life and death, and nature all blend together, as people who are normally considered invisible are made visible and elevated with the magic of photography. I would recommend this book to pretty much anyone It's a blessing to be able to learn about another person's life and works, as well as to[...]
Photographers 'Unite The League!' To Inspire Disabled/Chronically Ill Kids
My wife Roxana who produced the shoot spent weeks searching until she finally found the Justice League kids!" If your heart hasn't already grown to The-Grinch-at-the-end-of-the-cartoon levels, then take a look at the video John Rossi Photography filmed of these brave little heroes that goes behind the scenes of their photo shoots and captures their reactions[...]
Seth Kushner Publishes Free Superhero Photocomix From His Hospital Bed While Fighting Cancer
Seth Kushner's award-winning photography in comics, including his massive tribute to comics creators with Chris Irving, Leaping Tall Buildings, is well known in the industry, but Seth also branched out massively into using the photocomix format to tell stories of true and fictional lives through his CulturePOP photo essays and also through Costumed Characters. Written in[...]