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Animaniacs Ultimates Figures Revealed By Super7
Water Tower and Acme Labs! The Warner siblings – Yakko, Wakko, and Dot – as well as Pinky and The Brain, are all getting the ULTIMATES! treatment and look ready to dish out heaping helpings of good-natured mischief and a generous pinch of chaos!  Is getting you to preorder these figures part of a plot[...]
Animaniacs (Official) Trailer | A Hulu Original
Also returning for the series was Pinky and the Brain with Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche in the title roles as the lab mice and their misadventures for world domination. Image courtesy of Hulu Differences Between Animaniacs Reboot and Original The original series ran from 1993-1998 for five seasons originally for Fox Kids before wrapping its run on Kids'[...]
Animaniacs Jurassic Park Clip | A Hulu Original
Water Tower, the Animaniacs waste no time in causing chaos and comic confusion as they run loose through the studio and beyond, turning the world into their personal playground. Joining Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, fan-favorite characters Pinky and the Brain will also return to continue their quest for world domination in each of the 13 episodes[...]
Animaniacs Reboot Just Got A 2 Season Series Order At Hulu
I am also excited that the full library of Animaniacs and Tiny Toon Adventures episodes are included in the deal." It was also announced today that Hulu has exclusive streaming rights for the 99 episodes of the original Animaniacs.  They also nabbed Pinky and the Brain, Pinky Elmyra and the Brain, and the complete Tiny Toon Adventures collection[...]