Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man Tells No Tales

'Pirates 5' Has Been Kidnapped And Disney Won't Pay The Ransom

Someone has kidnapped Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and Disney isn't paying the ransom. And by "kidnapped" we mean that hackers have managed to get a hold of the upcoming Disney movie and are threatening to release it unless Disney pays them an insane amount of money, according to Deadline. Disney […]

Jack Sparrow Is Finally A Funko Pop (Also SPOILERS, I think)

Hitting stores as we speak, Pirates of the Carribean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales (hey I got that right without having to look it up!) has gotten the Funko treatment, and that includes everyone's favorite Pirate Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp. I honestly can't believe that there is another one of these films coming, […]

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tells No Tales Is Getting A Name Change In The UK

Movie titles get changed region to region, for a multitude of reasons. A cultural difference or an existing trademark are usually the reason, an example being The Avengers being retitled to Avengers Assemble, thanks to a 1960s spy show, also entitled The Avengers. Well, the UK is seeing another shift for a major Disney film. According […]