Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tells No Tales Is Getting A Name Change In The UK


Movie titles get changed region to region, for a multitude of reasons. A cultural difference or an existing trademark are usually the reason, an example being The Avengers being retitled to Avengers Assemble, thanks to a 1960s spy show, also entitled The Avengers.

Well, the UK is seeing another shift for a major Disney film. According to Den of Geek, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tells No Tales is getting renamed to Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge. Salazar is the creepy pirate that Javier Bardem is playing.

It's not exactly clear why this change is happening, but Den of Geek speculate that it is a trademark issue again. That seems to be the only thing that would make sense, although I'm not exactly sure what it conflicts with. Still, it is probably a more descriptive title, so no complains here.