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The cover of PS Artbooks Softee Planet Comics.

PS Artbooks Softee Diamond Solicits August 2020; A Golden Age Treat

Want to read some classic Golden Age comics, but don't want to spend the money on buying original issues? PS Artbooks has been solving that problem for fans of that era for some time now, and in this week's Diamond solicits, fans will get to read even more into their favorite Golden Ager comics. You […]

Planet Comics Launches in Antarctic Press January 2020 Solicits

Planet Comics Returns for its 80th Anniversary in Antarctic Press January 2020 Solicits

Planet Comics was a science fiction comic book title published by Fiction House, 73 issues published from January 1940 to Winter 1953. The first comic book dedicated wholly to science fiction, it featured space operatic tales of muscular, heroic space adventurers who were quick with their "ray pistols" and always running into gorgeous females who […]

Jon Berk Collection Session 1 Comic And Art Auction Highlights: Winning The Planet

Session 2 is getting underway as I type this, and as I hear the sound of comic collectors across the land rounding up all the extra nickels and dimes they can find, let's take a look at some of the auction highlights from last night at Comic Connect's Jon Berk Collection Session 1.  Session 1 included Original Artwork […]